February 15th, 2007

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Jon Stewart answered the question of just how Ted Haggard was turned "completely heterosexual". =:D (Thanks to mycroftb for spotting that - I keep missing the Daily Show, unprompted)

rabitguy pointed out this killer piece of OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ: Chris Cunningham takes on Star Wars (FLV). From a camcorder at Electraglide 2005, so the quality's not wonderful, but who cares?

Sir Nicholas Stern meets Congress, furnishing details from his recent report on global warming, and the comparative economic effects of action now versus action later. It would seem the congresscritters were given a broad spectrum of useful information in the course of the hearing.

Memorable line: "[Party Girl] What is that green drink called that makes you hallucinate? [Party Boy] Oh! Abstinence!"

How was Primeval's debut? (I've not watched that yet, nor the opening episodes of the newly returned Life on Mars - no spoilers, please!)

Free language software: Before You Know It, for OS X, Palm, PocketPC, and Windows. (Hint: no apparent need for a registration email address, as it gives you a link afterwards. On the other paw, the downloader app they gave doesn't seem to work..)

The criminal genius for the week is described in this report from South Bend: "If you want to sell a block of wood, don't try to pass it off as a high-end TV. And if you ignore that first bit of advice, don't try to sell it to the police."
Caption suggestions?

kyootfox via rabitguy sent along rather a cool page of high-speed video clips, like "balloon filled with syrup shot with blowdart", "firecrackers exploding in water bottles", and a couple of hard-drive mechanisms. (WMV required)

Seems FUNimation are experimenting with offering some of their anime via the iTunes Store: Desert Punk, Speed Grapher, and Samurai 7. Pricing looks quite good compared to DVD releases - $2/ep, or $39 per series (26, 20, and 24 eps each). But, looks like they're dub only. :-P

Free Guitar Hero clone: Frets on Fire, available for OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows, along with the source.

Super Mario mice!
It appears that AACS has been defeated, with the discovery of a "master key", with which all current discs can be decrypted - no need for the tiresome process of extracting each individual disc's keys. In theory, HD DVD players, which are mandated to have a network port, could be updated to remove the leaked key, but it's not difficult to see how smoothly that would run; and Blu-Ray has no such network requirement.

More Weebl! patch_bunny noticed Giraffe, and the less orthodox Animator vs Animation.

An amusing bit of Minnesotan legislation.

Here's a fun TV spot for macro lovers and skateboarders. =:)

From xlr8yourmac, note of a genuine cure for the GPU desoldering problem with ca.700MHz iBooks:
Hi Mike, I recently had my iBook 700MHz 14.1" suffer the classic, video goes crazy, freezes and reboot with no video. I could tell it was the GPU 'cause I could put pressure on it from below and make the problem better. So I called these guys. They were close to me west of Chicago: http://www.superiorreball.com/
Talked to a guy named Dale and he was very accommodating. A pull and re-ball of the GPU would cost $75 return shipping included. Reflowing was $38 but he pointed out many downsides to that.
I pulled the board and shipped it to him UPS. He called me the moment it walked in the door. The board came back after the weekend along with 8 X-rays of my GPU pulled and re-balled! Put the board back in my iBook and it works like new!
Dales says the problem is with these Ball Grid Array devices that tend to separate from the board as the board flexes. I've been working on it for a week now and it is very stable like it used to be. I expect this fix to be relatively permanent depending on how much flexing the board gets. Traveling and the like. I highly recommend these guys.

A look at Intel's 80-core CPU, pointing to one future of home computing, with highly parallel processing.

"Be aware that going on a major mission totally drunk out of your head will result in some truly spectacular artwork and at least one night in the cells." - Banksy, guerilla artist

The rare possumrabbit.