February 9th, 2007

Easily distracted

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Enjoy this article, if you will, on the world's five most dangerous roads, complete with many very scenic photos. ^_^ But if those seem a bit easy, why not try some cycling instead, as in this Irish example? Pics: 1, 2, looney.

mycroftb discovers some people have difficulties with phones.. =:D

Just hypothetically: if you were commissioned to produce a six part series on companies that had it all, at one point, and then lost it, which companies would you feature? The loss needn't be absolute, just a sharp reduction from top dog to also-ran. Commodore comes to mind, but then, 80s computer companies could fill the entire run..

Does anyone have any or all of Captain Star? It seems to've eluded any VHS or DVD release, let alone gone out of print.

According to this site (be warned: 1998 design aesthetics) states the world record for the rabbit long jump is 300cm. (High jump: 99.5cm) That seems implausibly long, surely? Then again, looking at this compilation of clips (FLV), maybe not so much. ^_^

Here's a classic episode of Room 101, a show wherein a guest each week chooses various things, people, places, or habits they'd like to dispel into the depths of the infamous "room 101". This one features Stephen Fry - it's very well worth watching. ^_^ Download here, and here's a thumbnail icon - it'll play on a PSP, and theoretically, an iPod, or any MPEG-4-savvy app, like VLC, Mplayer, or anything QuickTime-based.

Lunch on Wednesday was a happy affair, with the Horde out for much of the day, leaving me in a house of peacefulness - a rare event, and so lovely to experience again. Anyway, I started with a plain cheese deep pan pizza, added some smoked hot paprika, garlic, and rosemary, then a veritable pile of shrimp, and some lean sweetcure bacon. It was.. good. ^_^

What higher fame than your own ice cream? Stephen Colbert's "Americone Dream" - vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. :-9

What happens if you take a long exposure photo of Tempest? This. ^_^
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