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I'm always in awe of the sheer size of long-haul jet engines.. in this case, on a 777.

Magnificent, and unfathomably potent. ^_^

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Jealous! I love the sound and acceleration of a 777 at take-off ^^
Oh, cool beans! Might be my first 777, actually - and takeoff's always one of the supreme highlights of a flight, ne? That gentle (or not so gentle =:) push back into the seat as you hurtle down the runway, faster, faster.. !
Yup, take-off is always the best bit, and the 777's are powerful :)

They sound awesome too.
Argh, jealous. You really do have The Best Seat there. I suddenly kinda miss flying.
Ah, the high-bypass jet turbine. They do look funny without the outer casing on.

Trent 800s are also, if I remember, one of those controlled by Goodrich Engine Controls :)
If there's one thing from technology my Mom's always been impressed about, it's how such heavy things can be made to fly. (That, and wireless communication.) =)
Where are you headed hun? I was on one of those new Airbus A380s last week - the fact that the thing could even take off was mindboggling.
Hopefully it's fairly self-evident by now. ^_^

Ooh, an A380? I'd imagine the swayback facilities must've been pretty good.
I still find it amazing that anything the size of some of these modern jets can even get off the ground. Or that we've come so far in just a hundred years or so. When you look at those earliest airplanes, it's hard to make any kind of connection between them and these metal giants we take for granted today.

From the photo, it looks like you were sitting right on the wing. That's where I've always been put, every time I've flown. But I kind of enjoy being there, myself.
Having now flown on a few Airbuses, there's an amusing noise they make prior to takeoff - sounds like Wile E. Coyote trying to saw through the fuselage. (I asked the flight crew on deplaning; apparently that's the sound of the hydraulics pressuring up/down. In the words of one of the crew, "It's a *good* sound to hear *before* you take off." n.n

I think we took a 7x7 on the Long Ride Home. Deplaned and replaned on a stepladder with delusions of grandeur, walked right past the engine cowling: hyoooge. Just hyoooge.
Egad, indeed! Just a tiny bit disconcerting, but a better sound to hear than the loud bang some guy heard on a flight the other week, down in South Carolina or thereabouts, when a square foot of the fuselage above his head suddenly wasn't there any more. O.o;;

Oooh, steps! Used to be so commonplace. Last time I took those, I think, was back in the Trilobyte days - Medford International (hee!) had about two gates, so you basically just walked out of the terminal building and up the steps. ^_^

Wish I'd had the actual camera handy, but that would've been a bit more obvious at a time when I oughtn't have been using anything electronic anyway. =:)
Oho, you're in business class?
Hee! If only. ^_^ No, this was a long-range 777, so I was merely towards the front of cattle class. =:) Not bad, on balance - USB & 3-pin 110V power on every seat, and 9" monitors all offering on-demand choices ranging from arthouse to Hollywood. (Wound up enjoying Coraline, a slew of fun Canuck shorts including Air Knob and Yellow Sticky Notes, and Watchmen)
Mm, very nice! :D