November 26th, 2006

Frolicking bunny

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Rather a cool video clip of robot dancing - whole body, not just foot shuffling.

Ye gods.. I knew Anshe Chung had a sizeable presence in SL, but I hadn't realised she now runs 550 sims.. US$1m from $10, in 30 months.

Some notes on life as a Microsoft programmer, looking at the sheer scale of the company, and its effects on the development process, from a seven-year veteran of the company.

The list of submissions for consideration for the Animated Feature Oscar has been released, coming to an impressive sixteen titles, even if that number does include *cough* lesser works like The Ant Bully. Variety's look at Paprika is moderately positive (streamed trailer), and the trailer for Arthur and the Invisibles suggests quite a decent production, despite the rather trite editing of the trailer.

Anime: "009-1" - cheeseball secret agent show. Nothing remarkable; I wound up deleting the episode a few minutes in. Kekkaishi - bearable, fair writing and character designs, about a boy training to be a spirit captor/destroyer.

otter3 noticed this inflatable lounger, complete with built-in speakers. ^_^ No subwoofer, though, as the speakers are purely passive - but I dare say an enterprising fur could remedy that.

If you're in the mood for some anime cuteness, and something of a bargain, I noticed a small reduction in the Cardcaptor Sakura Mega Bundle - all eighteen DVDs, covering the entire seventy episodes, down from $540 to $80. ^_^ (No misprint - they even note it's 85% off)

Shrook 2 looks like a fairly promising RSS reader - the UI's nowhere near as elegant as NewsFire, but it seems to work quite well, just requiring rather more screen space than I'd prefer. One particular bit of coolness is that it offers the option of distributed checking of a given feed - every five minutes, each copy of the client checks their list of feeds against a central server (using a hash, rather than the URL itself), and if there's anything new, it's flagged as such. Conversely, out of all the subscribers to a feed, one is chosen to check for updates and reports back. So, you wind up with low load on the feed servers, but the benefit of frequent checking.

For anyone who missed it, here's what the recent "Sonic rings" attack on SL looked like.