November 16th, 2006

Curr and Skeef

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moth_wingthane passed on word of the coolest watercraft ever: single and dual seater dolphins.

Here's an amusing TV spot for soap.

And Zen comes up with another lapine masterpiece. Not really worksafe, but such a heartthrob..

Ever wondered as to the underlying technological and philosophical bases of Bender?

So CNet dropped a pair of Clovertown (quad core Xeon) processors into a Mac Pro, to see what kind of speed improvements they'd realise: some, but not huge, obviously depending highly on just how easily the application decomposes into parallel operations. CineBench saw the greatest improvement, Quake 4 virtually nothing.

I came across this eleven minute short, and thought it well worth sharing: Zoo. Directed by Bert Haanstra in 1962, it's simply people watching other animals, them watching back, and us watching all of them, set to a hep jazz soundtrack. It's a most effective piece, very well edited, and the score indeed adds to the work, an integral part of it, not merely audio wallpaper. You can find it over here.