November 14th, 2006

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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There's something inexplicably hilarious in skateboarding mannequins (FLV). It's a Japanese clip, of course.

mycroftb noticed this clip (FLV) of what happens if you place a viscous cornstarch mix into the cone of a speaker fed with a loud 80Hz tone. It's very cool to watch. And if you fill up a pool (FLV) with something like that, but much more watery..

What could be better than zombies? Gay zombies! "In this campy spoof of classic B horror flicks, a plucky young sissy’s idyllic birthday weekend is crashed by a group of libidinous gay men - turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies."

If you had a paid account during LJ's outage the other weekend, you can go here to claim a week's extension as compensation. (This expires at the end of next Monday, Nov 20)

An interesting addition to SL: IBM's "Incubator" initiative launched in a recreation of the Forbidden City, in conjunction with the Chinese government. Naturally, the CEO appeared in a suit. Now, if we could have only quietly switched his av for, say, a bunny..

Possibly merely a token offer, but Hamas suggests a peace conference with Israel. Still no sign of formal recognition of Israel, however.

Two trailers of possibly good films: The Painted Veil, and Bridge to Terabithia. Edward Norton's pretty much always worth seeing, though I'd say his definitive role remains that of Fight Club; and the latter might be able to capture some of that otherworldly wonder, though the CG looks - presumably deliberately - quite stylised. Or cheap.