November 13th, 2006

Frolicking bunny

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kyhwana found this little short, Kiwi (FLV). All the poor thing wants to do is to know what it's like to fly..

ristin pointed out these cat pictures. ^_^ You'll have seen some of them before, but they're all good.

Quite an amusing, very brief, interview with Jack Barrowman. And, another, longer interview from Gay Times (the pages are in reverse order, so you'll want to click "previous" for the next page; four in total).

"Florida, as you know, is a lovely place where Cubans go to live, and Jews go to die." -- Jon Stewart, Midterm Midtacular.

How could I not make note of this Bunny comic? ^_^
The trailer for the Simpsons movie actually suggests that, despite the show having jumped the shark some time ago, the movie might actually be worth seeing. Caution: brief violence against extremely cute bunny.

You can find Richard Dawkins reading from "The God Delusion" at Randolph-Macon Woman's College here, including a Q&A session, as YouTube clips and a 113MB downloadable QuickTime file. The Q&A session was apparently notable for featuring several students from Jerry Falwell's nearby institution.

What a delightful word.. "propinquity". (1. nearness in place; proximity. 2. nearness of relation; kinship. 3. affinity of nature; similarity. 4. nearness in time.)

NSFW, but funny

Torchwood: sadly, not even Cybergoodness (even if in the form of a cheesy Catwoman-like strappy costume) could save "Cyberwoman" from its abysmal writing, camerawork, and editing.

Baguette + Camembert + medium-rare sliced roast beef + whole grain mustard = love. Well, one kind, anyway. :-9

A most amusing (and apolitical) Farewell to Donald Rumsfeld. =:) (FLV)

Wine for the day: Turner Road 2004 Cabernet/Zinfandel, an exceptionally good balance of the richness and spiciness of its grape varieties.