November 2nd, 2006

Curr and Skeef

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A singularly cool bit of design: a furry watch, as momentrabbit noticed. Sadly, it's only a design concept - but such a good one.

bosn might like this final minute from Wednesday's South Park, featuring sea otters. ^_^

What vegetables (I'll include mushrooms, for this purpose) do you particularly enjoy? Any particular preparations that really elevate them? For me, brussels sprouts are best boiled quickly with orange juice, a little water, and cilantro/coriander; or, for that matter, barbecued, wrapped in bacon, letting the porky juices permeate the sprout. Cabbage can be really good, too, especially red cabbage with a little sugar, vinegar, and cloves. And broccoli can be wonderful stuff, either just steamed quickly in the microwave by itself, or served with a good helping of lean spicy ground beef and some Campbell's nacho cheese soup (surprisingly low in fat).

These rabbit stamps are rather cute. ^_^

A personal angle on the validity and benefits of stem cell research - highly recommended.

You've seen the "press button - receive bacon" hand dryer icon, ne? Well - how about actually making a bacon dispenser? There must be piles of deceased hand dryers around, and someone mechanically enterprising could surely rig up a mechanism to release a slice of (cooked) bacon upon demand. The unit could be affixed to a wall with a few of those nifty 3M sticky pads, suitable for a quick, covert installation..

Only for extreme geeks, so arbutus might enjoy this too - Every Character has a Story, exploring the history behind each character in Unicode. Did you know the tréma and the diaresis share the same space in Unicode, as their appearances are almost identical, despite quite different linguistic functions? (Amongst other folk, this caused the Deutsche Bibliothek concern, as they need to preserve the different marks accurately)

Fans of driving games might like Test Drive Unlimited - how well it plays remains to be seen, but the stills aren't a bad start. (And happily, it allows play over the net, not just ad hoc, which seems to be missing from many PSP titles)

This non-partisan list of lousy US political websites is worth a giggle, including one politico's use of a pig for his "under construction" image, and another's bizarre recipe for margeritas.

Torchwood "Ghost Machine" - still plenty of ragged edges (HollywoodOS, "This was not meant for us", Owen blowing his cover, and then not realising what he'd been told was a honking big clue), but, this time around, I could actually feel sympathy for many of the people involved. It's no Who, but it's certainly taken a few steps in the right direction. (And Cyberfun next week, yay! Splott? That's fine. I've seen one bus route ending in Wyllie)

Doctor Who scores a repeat hat-trick of National Television Awards, again landing Most Popular Drama, Actor, and Actress.