September 30th, 2006

Rabbit Junk

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Many fine thoughts on the pizza! I actually asked that right after having tackled the problem (quite tastily), in the way several folks also suggested - defrosting in the microwave, followed by heating in a pan over a low heat to get the base crisp. What I didn't do, as some noted, was cover it, so I had to finish it off with a zap in the microwave to get the toppings hot again. (It was originally a "loaded cheese" deep pan, to which I added a healthy degree of garlic powder (sacrilege, I know, but we appear to be lacking fresh garlic, and I admit to being enamored of the convenience of its powdered kin) and a little chicken in black bean sauce, emphasis on the chicken, as it's rare for me to eat a meal without meat involved) I'd also cut it into quarters before defrosting, if I need to try that again, as once at room temperature, it exhibited no great love for the notion of cooperating with sliding off the plate. Two large metal spatulas did the trick, with no loss of structural integrity.

Who else has seen The Wolves of Kromer?

Here's a neat animated (and marginally furry) music video: Rabbit Junk - In Your Head No-one Can Hear You Scream. (QT7 doesn't like it, but VLC and mplayer are fine) There's a dash of Squarepusher and a good bit of Ministry in the musical influences - well worth a try.

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It seems Sony's preparing a global recall for owners of laptops using their batteries, but details aren't yet available.

I get it - Bush's newly legislated powers to detain anybody indefinitely without charge, or any obligation to bring them to trial, or even inform them of the charges or evidence against them, and to use torture - it's all just part of his green credentials. See, with this in place, the CIA won't need to continue the covert flights to countries that explicitly permit torture, as the US is now one of them. Just think of all the air pollution that'll avoid! (Did your senator vote for US torture? See the list here)

I think I'd like one of these displays to view Second Life on.

And so the dance goes on. ^_^ "A couple of weeks I ago I wrote about the battle between Microsoft's DRM system and FairUse4WM, which breaks it. The news for this week is that Microsoft has patched their security against FairUseWM 1.2 and filed a lawsuit against the program's anonymous authors, and those same anonymous authors have released FairUse4WM 1.3, which breaks the latest Microsoft patch."

From the sharp peepers of spidermouse, "Also, I saw a van today that was plastered with: Gildun Scaffolding: Make Sure Your Next Erection Is In Safe Hands."

And please enjoy this word on airline safety procedures. ^_^