September 28th, 2006

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We all know Christopher Walken is supremely cool. But listen to him discuss tails with Conan O'Brien, and you might respect the man even more. ^_^ Clip here. He agrees that yes, if it were possible, he'd consider having a tail attached - a big, bushy sorta thing. So.. any con fancy inviting him as a guest? Celebrity furry makeover, yay! ^_^

Did you know there's a giant earwig rampaging across Germany?

discopanda might be interested in a happy panda hat. So cute!

momentrabbit spotted this adorably tiny Tetris game cabinet, based around a camcorder viewfinder for the display. ^_^

Apparently, "ῥαφανιδόω (rhaphanidoo)" is Ancient Greek for "to sodomise with a radish", as employed by Aristophanes in "The Clouds".

And rabitguy noticed more Rickay (and Thrash) from BunnyBoyz, by Max BlackRabbit, here. Yay!
Porsupah Ree (white bunny)

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A cooking puzzle of sorts.

You've got a frozen pizza, but no oven or grill. There are two gas rings and a microwave, and the usual kitchen utensils and cookware.

What will you do? (And no, there's no money to cheat and order pizza for delivery =:)

Comments screened, so there's no peeking at anyone's answers just yet. ^_^

[Edit: screening off, all comments revealed!]
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