September 25th, 2006

Rickay aglance

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xkcd shows what can happen when geekdom meets romanticism. Aww. ^_^

My, what wonderful freebies one can find.. I must thank the sweet and innocent fleetfur for pointing me in the direction of this wonderful diveskin (which also comes with swim fins, scuba tank, and dive light) from Jump's Dive Shack in Furnation Aqua. It's non-modifiable, unfortunately, but for no cost, I'm happy. ^_^

I've found my birthday present. ^_^ Elgato's EyeTV hybrid tuner, handling analog and digital broadcasts, as well as providing RCA & S-video inputs for other video sources, all in a tiny USB stick. Not dirt cheap, at around £100/$150, but looks like an excellent all-in-one worldwide solution.

It's only at the prototype stage, but it seems to be looking feasible: a new kind of inkjet printer that has an entire sheet of inkjets, rather than a print head, printing a page in one go. Obviously, this has the potential to be quite fast; a 12x12cm prototype is running at 1000ppm.

Frog paws look like they'd have some fun costuming applications, though they're only available in black. But for $20 ($28 outside the US) a pair, they're cheap enough for experimentation. Casting some out of a suitably soft silicone might be fun, too. As moth_wingthane notes, however, it doesn't look as if their ordering system is secure - caveat emptor.

Please behold Beijing's penis restaurant.

My room is a portal of randomness sometimes. I just found five Turkish 175,000 lire stamps, despite never having yet been to Turkey. However, I did rediscover my copy of Wildlifers. Yay!