September 14th, 2006

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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Swarm is a fun little game (OS X, Windows) - you control a small swarm of bees, which can be told to spread out or regroup in order to gather all the gems on a level. And it's free, which never hurts. ^_^

Two videobits from SIGGRAPH 2003 that you might enjoy:

Simulation: Packing and replication of DNA

Music video: You Need to Breathe

The first might (no, really?) sound as if it'd be tiresome, but - just watch and marvel at just how DNA is folded within cells, and the amazing process by which it's replicated, on a massively routine basis, in every second of existence. But then, enzymes are themselves fascinating to me, with part of their function relying essentially on being just the right physical shape in order to "touch" different parts of their target molecules.

I thought this shirt would be quite ideal for deffox. ^_^

Oh, that's not so handy.. seems the in-world and webpage SL friends lists have been disabled temporarily, so it always appears as if nobody you know is online.

Shiny! Quad-band, and speaks GSM, CDMA, and JCDMA (for Japan). Mind, it'll set you back around $550. Ah, if only Iridium were as cheap as terrestrial comms.

The BBC's looking for some SLers, US and UK based, for a forthcoming Horizon, due in Jan/Feb 2007. They're particularly interested in those whose av is much more like you than you are in RL, make money in SL, or organise events or dissent.

Speaking of which, what sites - if any - do you peek in on for news of SL events and suchlike? SL Herald seems like quite a good rabble-rouser, as well as SL Insider for a more conventional approach.

And momentrabbit pointed out these entirely spurious, propogandistic "bunny facts". Harrumph, I say.

(But I shan't deny the dancing)