September 12th, 2006

Porsupah in the wide blue open

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Another from the "really simple concept" music video department, this time, a tiny bit more difficult to pull off: Fatboy Slim - That Old Pair of Jeans, with Chris Bliss juggling in perfect sync.

Red panda is only 40 Yuan? I knew everyfur had their price, but I didn't think runtt was that cheap. =:)

Looks like there might be a degree of lapinity in David Lynch's next movie, Inland Empire. "Here, disconcertingly, there are sequences (not explained at all) involving a family on stage in rabbit heads as well as a murky sub-plot about eastern European prostitutes. Hollywood myth and Polish Gypsy folk tale clash head-on with startling but very uneven effect. The director deliberately blurs the lines and so we are never quite sure whether we are watching the film-within-the-film (being directed by Jeremy Irons) or the film about the film-within-the-film."

pandaguy spotted this story: 'Rabbits are taking over some roads in northwestern Vermont and it's got people talking. Outlines of rabbits, spray-painted in white, have been stenciled onto city streets and rural roads in St. Albans, Georgia, Fairfield, Swanton and other communities in Franklin County and no one is quite sure what to make of it. "What is up with the bunnies?" L.B. Clark wrote in a letter to the editor of the St. Albans Messenger.' (No photos included, curiously)

Tiletoy - LED-based puzzle blocks that know when they've been solved.

I was tickled to see one of the BBC7 Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann, whom I've still never seen/heard in the role) adventures being broadcast over Christmas is titled "The Horror Of Glam Rock". And there'll be a Cybermen two-parter, "Human Resources". Yay!

And I finally returned to SL after a much too lengthy absence. ^_^ Wandering around Taco, there seem to've been various modest changes, but it's still recognisably the same place. I was a little surprised to see notice that Dwellget's going away, as the owners feel it's taking a substantial chunk of the sim's resources. So, as they noted, take pics of the place while you still can. ^_^ Now to try bumping into these folks I've yet to meet.. ! ~waves to skwrl~

Interesting to see news of the SL security breach in the mainstream. It's a serious issue - all too often, security of customer information just isn't given proper consideration, as we see in the theft of laptops containing massive databases, unencrypted.

Ye gods.. just tried out the cheap speakers that came with the PC. How cheap? The meat in a McDonalds burger weighs more. And has superior acoustic qualities. Presumably the manufacturer later realised the error of their ways, and chose to enter millinery instead.

So, movies on the "iTunes Store" is confirmed. Disney only for now (Walt Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax), with 75 titles, at 640x480. $13 for pre-release (same day as the DVDs) and the first week, $15 after, and $10 for older titles. Looks like other video material's also moving to 640x480, which would make music videos a much more interesting proposition for me. Improvements to the iPod line were announced (of course), but the Q1 2007 set-top box could be nice - "half the size of a Mac mini", internal PSU, USB, ethernet, WiFi, component video, optical/electronic audio, HDMI. $299. [Edit: Engadget has plenty of photos. iTunes 7 and QuickTime 7.1.3 are now available for your downloading pleasure]