September 5th, 2006

All bunnies and rainbows

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relee spotted this lengthy video from IGN demonstrating some actual Wii gameplay, with a simultaneous look at how the controllers are used.

mycroftb pointed out the gorgeously illustrated perils of a bunny who eats too many cabbages, from the pencil of Duo Radon. (The strip begins with the first b&w image on the top row; the section heading isn't really descriptive of the strip)

Dume - it's not often a webcomic piques my casual interest in cellular biology. And it's got a nottah.

This article notes twenty non-English words their users find most fun; my favorites are "the French 'l'esprit d'escalier', or spirit of the staircase. This is used to describe the precise moment a person comes up with a clever retort to an embarrassing insult. It is usually after leaving the party, and walking down the stairs that the quip comes to mind.", and "In Japanese, 'amakudari', literally descent from heaven, describes the phenomenon of being employed by a firm in an industry one has previously, as a government bureaucrat, been involved in regulating."

And "The Fuegians (from Tierra del Fuego) have a succinct word - 'mamihlapinatapai' and it means 'two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do'." has such a wondrous role, too. ^_^

Ye gods! A new transformation pic from Rimle! Fox TF underway here, not worksafe.

Transformers and My Little Pony, together at last! (As mycroftb discovered.. somehow =:) It's very silly stuff, but somehow appealing.

And on the theme of odd combinations, I stumbled upon this much too brief clip of Sonic X characters, redubbed.

Ah, handy.. looks like whilst KeepVid doesn't work for files that required signing in, the same method does. In the page source, look for video_id. Copy the rest of that URL, and add it to this to get the URL of the FLV file itself:

Every now and then, The Register points out some gloriously inept piece of corporate rebranding, often involving a variant of a coffee stain as the new logo. This New Zealand example, though, goes above and beyond - the mission statement is a little queasy, but it's the song (only presented as lyrics, mercifully) which really takes the cake.

SanDisk's just announced their MPEG-4 video recorder, encoding to memory cards, due next month for $130. It's only a recorder, with no included tuner. It's not clear what color formats it supports, as their page is unhelpfully light on specifics. Essentially, it's their answer to Neuros' MPEG-4 recorder - give it composite video, it spurts data onto the card.