August 11th, 2006

Inside pride ball

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I was thinking momentrabbit and dronon in particular might enjoy Wondermark, a strip vaguely along the lines of Dinosaur Comics, but with a more Victorian aspect. And there's an LJ feed over here, for your convenience.

I do like this Tails strip. And this bunny by Lapinbeau. (Oh, that top! I think I've found my next t-shirt design for SL =:)

Here's a music video I particularly enjoy, particularly for the tour of the CD manufacturing plant: Orbital - Waving not Drowning. (The first part's modeled after Play School, to put it into context - the "director" was one of the presenters)

Okay, it's a cheap laugh, but this Chinese menu does have some pearls on offer, such as "Fragrant spring onion sauce explodescow son". Not quite sure what "Fuck the salt (beautiful pole) duck chin" is like, though.

Brian Williams of NBC gives as good as he gets with Jon Stewart. Definitely one of the best guests he's had.

Courtesy of tgeller, a wonderfully annoying and colorful video: Fast Food Rockers: the Fast Food Song.

Yay! I have two sets of golden roses on Animal Crossing: Wild World now. ^_^

I wonder what the smallest (within reason) DVI monitor around is? I could see an extra display being handy for running SL fullscreen, leaving the auxiliary for, say, keeping an eye on email. Being able to be battery powered would be fun, too.

And I've got to point out the glowcocks that patch_bunny spotted, midway down the page. (Needless to say, not at all worksafe =:) Pity they don't have a discount for a pack of all three colors. Wonder if it might be possible to embed those long-life glowsticks in suitable silicone castings..