July 20th, 2006

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This story is a horribly good example of why marriage/civil unions must cover same-sex couples. Matters of human rights are not something any politician should cowardly shy away from on the pretext of leaving it to local rather than national government. (Even more so when one party is determined to void such rights entirely, yet still the other remains so faint of heart)

darac pointed out this handy utility for showing all your current and recent LJ logins, showing timestamp, IP address, and the browser used. You can also log any current session out, if you forgot to do so before leaving a public system, for example.

More presidential hilarity ensues as Bush decides to give Chancellor Merkel a surprise neckrub. Thankfully, he at least managed to get the hint and desisted a few seconds later.

Interesting map of popularity of religions by US state. (Click on a state to see the breakdown for that one)

Is there a way of seeing all of a mood icons set, just as with user icons?

Some personal thoughts on stem cell research over here - well worth a read, bringing the matter out of the realm of the abstract.

So, yet another MPAA-approved movie download service trumpets its debut, this time aiming at burning the movies to DVD. Couple small catches, though: burning is achieved using only their FluxDVD-based software, so, Windows only; and it claims to have additional protection on the burned DVD as well, possibly of the "farked around with enough to choke any computer player, but probably okay on a standalone player" variety. Best of all, though, are the prices, starting at $9, going up from there, such as Firewall for a mere $19. *cough* You get to swallow the download allowance, of course, and pay for the DVD-R and any packaging, too. It's a surefire success!

In other DRM news, the faux Napster continues its trajectory, share declining from 9% to 3% in Q1, losing $200m over four years. The number two music service? eMusic, which employs no DRM whatsoever; and as they note, "the average iPod owner has just 21 iTunes Music Store songs on their device". (It's no secret the iTMS is there as a support service of sorts, not a money maker - it's estimated Apple makes a profit of as much as 3¢/track, given the labels' share) 'Course, it'd be interesting to see a histogram of purchases - I'd imagine very few buy any downloaded music at all, DRMd or otherwise, with a few percent of player owners responsible for the great bulk of the figures.

(Hm. eMusic's offering a two week free trial, covering 25 tracks. As with most such offers, you need to actively cancel within that period, rather than consent to continuing, as I'd much prefer, but not a bad offer)

Yay! Thanks to mycroftb, I've been able to verify video streaming in SL really does work. Now to see what performance tweaks are possible - but the internet Daily Show clip from the other day plays perfectly, albeit only at 6fps or so. So I know H.264/AAC/MPEG-4 files are fine. (File under "famous last words" =:)

Ye gods. I actually had a furry dream last night. Set in SL. ^_^ Nowhere real, but I recall foxymoonheart was core to the story, along with a comic store..

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