July 14th, 2006

Rickay aglance

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Prompted by a recent entry by keihound, I thought I'd point out one of my old favorites again: Macca Strewth, a great little short about the Total Legend from Down Under. ^_^ (Direct download here)

Congratulations are in order for bosn's creative solution to a lack of interesting food in his hotel room. ^_^

The comic "Bunny" is often worth keeping up with, but this one particularly amused me. Which isn't too difficult.

Jon Stewart and Senator Ted Stevens explain the nature of the internet. Highly educational. As, indeed, was their look at one man who moved into the Castro, only to find a disturbingly prominent presence of gayness.

The good folks at the Omni Group make some very spiffy software, so, it's maybe not too surprising that they'd gain some interest in mounting a guessing game, giving clues as to their next app, obliquely including:

1. Tried to get a dog to bark on command; failed.
2. Attempted to order a gorilla mask; succeeded.
Caveat: The above is in no way a red herring or misdirection, it is all completely true.

Meanwhile, it seems to be confirmed: the Mac Pro will sport dual Xeon 5100 ("Woodcrest") CPUs, each dual-core.

Hee! There's a new anime - stop-motion clay animation, unusually - based on the Taiko no Tatsujin games. Well, newly subtitled, anyway, given it was broadcast last year.

And I've got to point out this home shopping presenter and his horse, which mycroftb discovered. =:)