June 13th, 2006

Rickay aglance

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Gotta love terminotaur's Yiff Yiff Revolution. =:) [Edit: and it'll be in AC's art show! Bid magnificently!]

avon_deer pointed out this absolutely excellent spoof of that memorable "bouncing balls" Sony Bravia TV spot, but set in Swansea rather than San Francisco. As the comment says, perhaps even better than the original. ^_^

Who follows the GPU scene? I'm wondering about the rev.B MacBook Pro. Seems like there's a decent chance of a new revision once Merom's out in volume, but given the results I've seen so far, that might only bump speed by some 20-30% over the current model - good, but not something I'd notice as a huge improvement in framerates. But if the current 256MB X1600 Mobility were also improved, together, perhaps that could spell a 50% improvement, which would be a reasonable step up. So, what's in the pipeline at the moment, that could wind up in manufacture around then? (Probably only worth considering ATi, as Apple's leaned that way pretty much exclusively for their laptops, and a drop-in replacement part would avoid any board rework)

Bah! A week or so after rediscovering Doctor Fun, the guy gives up after 520 weeks of cartoons, spanning thirteen years - 1993 to 2006. Maybe I can get paid to not take an interest in people's favorite cartoons.. no, I will not be going near Family Circus.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the good old Amiga days, schnee noticed ChipBench, which may help. ^_^

What net.radio stations do you recommend? I'm thinking particularly of anything in electronica, but I'm open to most genres. Saturday night at a club in SL reminded me of the additional worlds of music available - for the first time in a year or two, I'm running StreamRipperX again, and iTunes is playing network streams rather than local files. Right now, NERadio Sweden, which seems to have a decently upbeat selection, plus a real carbon-based DJ.

So, Steve Coogan's got a new show on the way, "Saxondale". Only a brief teaser exists for the moment, but I'll be giving it a look, given his past work. ^_^

Remember those odd, artificial shapes on Bush's back after one of the debates in 2004? It's all explained in the life of a Bush pilot. ^_^

Cars - pretty slender storyline, very much a paint-by-numbers affair - but the technology was anything but, ably demonstrating their software expertise. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, though.

Yipe! stego_s_aurus found a place with an unworldy selection of sodas - including blue (and red) Brain Wash! Now that.. is a seriously screwed up drink. That used to be my automatic choice, when visiting the Zanzibar Cafe in Ocean Beach, a fairly chill coffee house open until the early hours.