June 6th, 2006

Rear of bouncing bunny

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Want to put in a word for TTA on DVD? masem pointed out there's going to be a live chat here with four WB executives responsible for DVD releases, today (Tuesday, June 6), 8-11pm EDT.

Disney "morals of the story". ^_^ You'll never think of Cinderella quite the same way..

If you're a Bugs (or Lola) fan, you might want to check out this pair of Lola & Bugs champagne flutes. They're a little difficult to find, even on eBay, and they are very nice glasses. (I have a pair, yes =:)

The Impossible Planet - well, plenty of niggling flaws, but excellent atmosphere. Highly recommended. And still another few days until the concluding part.. definitely one to watch with a good sound system, or at least reasonable headphones.

Well, poo. I can't get onto SL, as this update is another mandatory one - and the download won't. (Anyone know how the Universal Binary version's working out in real usage, in terms of stability and framerate?)

Mmm. Nothing like a tin of tuna with curry ketchup before bed. ^_^ (And a slice of wholemeal with French cream cheese)