May 24th, 2006

Millie - pure magic

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Yay! It's video day! I've got to start with Erin Middendorf's very own animation: Kindling (5MB, 34s). Now there's dedication to one's craft.


For anyone who enjoyed Look Around You, this episode of How (part1, part 2 - 24MB together), circa 1979, might appeal - it even includes a vegetable band. ^_^ And there's a segment featuring some very fine rabbits, so you really can't go wrong. (The segment looked at how rabbits manage to keep their teeth sharp)


And for a little more videofun, the first episode of The Message, courtesy of BBC 3. "The network with plenty to say, but no idea how to say it." Think of a terribly hip new network wanting to promote themselves and their shows. If you enjoyed Chris Morris' Jam, there's something of that spirit in this, though not quite as dark. =;)

"You're just making this up as you go along!"

"Yu-up. But I do it brilliantly!"

Now that was quite the second half - an easy winner for me, given I've always had a soft spot for the Cybermen. ^_^ But will we see [elided] again? I suppose it's possible, though I think I'd rather have a swan song be just that. And as someone notes, maybe Jake and Mickey were something of a couple - consider the "I may have his face, but I'm not the same man" line, or the closing lines.

A very young baby bunny. ^_^

Heh! Seems's recording of Stephen Colbert's turn at the recent White House Press Corps dinner just reached the rank of number one album on the iTMS. (I'll go for the C-SPAN DVD, though)

So, Over the Hedge.. pretty good. They did a great job of turning the strip into workable 3D characters, maintaining the basic look of the original. It's not a Must See, but you could certainly do much worse, despite lacking any significant lapinity. "You see? This is why I called the exterminator! To kill them before they get hurt like this!" And you can't tell me the animators didn't enjoy Stella's feline transformation. ^_^

And I was most pleased to (finally!) learn that one of my favorite anime, Kamichu, has been picked up by Geneon (Pioneer's name for their US anime operations). It's a lesser-known series, but one that should appeal to anyone who's enjoyed Whisper of the Heart, or other Studio Ghibli work. (And Ichigo Mashimaru too! Not a classic, but a salve for anyone suffering Azumanga Daioh withdrawal) It's set for a release starting on June 6, RRP $30 for four episodes.

I can't leave this entry without drawing your attention to one of the most remarkable and moving retellings of one's origins - not in a fantastic sense, but all too real - that I've read anywhere, not only LiveJournal: here, courtesy of quentincoyote. If you never follow any other link I offer, make it this one.