May 20th, 2006

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As the Apple Turns is back! Well, sort of. ^_^ It's actually being produced by someone else entirely, but very much in the same spirit (and design :).

The peerless cheesefest that is the Eurovision Song Contest is tonight! And, theoretically, the BBC will be offering it live, online. It starts at 8pm BST, noon Pacific. For my part, I've not paid any attention to the entrants, so they'll all be new to me, assuming I can get the stream to work rather than time out. There'll surely be a torrent later on, but I prefer watching a live event live, hein?

[Edit: the German entry is Country.. and I'm enjoying it? Help!]

Maybe 2D artists wanting to move into animation (and make money at it) will have a chance after all, as noted in this TIME interview with John Lasseter: 'Before buying Pixar, a desperate Disney had scuttled its traditional animation unit. Lasseter may restore that. "Of all studios that should be doing 2-D animation, it should be Disney," he says. "We haven't said anything publicly, but I can guarantee you that we're thinking about it. Because I believe in it."'

And it appears that Jan Pinkava has stepped down from directing Ratatouille, to be replaced by.. Brad Bird. ^_^ The teaser isn't yet online anywhere, but there's a detailed description of it here.

In other cinematic news, it seems the live action Evangelion production is indeed still trudging ahead, though with few new confirmed specifics. Apparently it was WETA Digital who approached ADV about the project, rather than the other way around; and Robin Williams is quite a fan, with the Eva figure in One Hour Photo being his doing. Wonder who'll wind up directing.. how about Michel Gondry?

An interesting op-ed on raising US fuel prices.

Here's a hilarious TV spot worthy of The Onion, produced by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (whose environmental expert, Myron Ebell, earned the dubious honor of censure by the British parliament). The closing line, to give you a feel for it, is "Carbon dioxide. They call it pollution. We call it life."

plushlover's selling this Watership Down cel (four layers, actually), featuring Hazel, Fiver, Blackberry, Silver and Pipkin. Bid early and often!

SeatGuru is pretty handy if you're taking a flight, and you'd like to scope out what the layout on your plane will be like. It covers virtually all airlines and their craft, noting the exact layouts, remarks on different groupings of seats, and where onboard power may be found. (The answer usually being "nowhere near you, prole")

So, the MacBooks are out (with Ars' review complemented by this one from the comments =:), complete with peculiar pricing on the black model. Overall, they're pretty decent - I was surprised to see Core Duos across the board, given the Mac mini's two models are differentiated by Solo and Duo. Keyboard looks a bit odd. Magnetic latch. Not sure about the glossy screen - it's a widespread fashion, but doesn't it surely lead to greater reflective glare from lighting? GMA950 GPU, so it's not going to be a Quake 4 monster, but the iBook GPUs were always low-end affairs anyway.

Pleasingly, xlr8yourmac reports that Final Cut Studio 5 does indeed run quite happily on a Mac mini with Core Solo, which also uses the GMA950 for video. On the other paw, if maybe to nobody's great surprise, another reader also notes fairly mediocre WoW performance on a MacBook: "All I had time to do was run around Gadgetzan for a couple minutes. I put the settings to their lowest point and within the city (average number of players in town) I got 10-15 FPS with frequent dips to about 6 when turning around. Outside of the city in the empty desert I saw about 20 FPS. In the inn I got somewhere in the mid 20s." (So, about double the speed of Second Life =:)

Interesting to see the Radeon 1600 and its Mobility variant don't seem to be far apart at all - this set of tests pits a MacBook Pro 2.16GHz against an iMac Core Duo 2.0GHz. As the games tests show, it's a fairly even match.

Thinking about drawing, I was wondering if anyone knew of a page online somewhere that compared different races' facial features, maybe overlaying outline images to highlight the basic variations. What do the noses of the world look like? What makes Asian eyes so characteristic? Are Caucasian lips really that narrow? (And just what are lips anyway?)

I noticed this artist could use some commission income, in dealing with a family sadness. Seems like some very nice work, and not expensive.

Ooh. Sanatorium pod klepsydra looks like it should be entertaining..

Quote for the day: "Few things build a stronger friendship than the mutual enjoyment of the same sins."