May 17th, 2006

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So very wrong.. Slave Leia Pet Costume, for dogs; with the curious annotation that it "ships worldwide, except Mexico".

The Rise of the Cybermen - well, I'll admit I'm entirely biased anyway, and wasn't disappointed, despite an awkward non-climax. It's pleasing to see Mickey getting a little more attention, beyond merely comic relief. Very cool new design, quite nicely removed from the latterday guy with helmet and silver moonboots, even if straining beneath the indignity of ring modulation. (As someone speculated in yonder doctorwho, was Eccles' confusion over Mickey/Ricky the result of mere bewilderment, or had he visited that universe before?)

It appears Sun is preparing to open the source to Java, once they work out exactly how to go about doing so.

Have you ever switched species? How did that come about? It's not a common phenomenon, as far as I've known, though kaysho did (or were you always as you were?), as did Malin.

Oh, that's not bad.. the sign-up fee for the Embarcadero YMCA is a fairly sane $25, plus $63/mo membership, or $71/mo including all the others in the City. (Bump the joining fee to $99, and it covers all of the Bay) Too early to tell if I'll be able to take advantage of that, but I'm hoping so. ^_^

In January 2006, Gen. Hayden answered questions at the National Press Club. One question stood out at the time: 'No, I asked, are you targeting us and people who politically oppose the Bush government, the Bush administration? Not a fishing net, but are you targeting specifically political opponents of the Bush administration? Because as Vice President Gore recently said, "It is much worse than people realize."'

There was a silence, followed by the next question.

Now, ABC reporters make the outright claim: they, personally, are being monitored, ostensibly in tracing the sources of unauthorised leaks.

(I knew I'd read that disturbing non-answer before, but dakhun managed to find the full transcript)

For a summary of the way this has developed in the last few months, here's The Daily Show's look (6m18s, 2.5MB) from Tuesday.

Dance, Monkeys, Dance! is an interestingly Adams-like take on life. Or, download it here (9.1MB FLV).

Do computer fans get louder with age? I don't think Ocelot's fan was this loud when it was new, but I could just be remembering it with the rose-tint of a new purchase (in 2001). Hyzenthlay's fan is all but silent, at least for now - I'm more likely to simply feel it's getting hot than hear it, especially if I've got the windows open. (And it'll only come on under heavy load, such as video compression or playback, even when sat atop a mattress)

It doesn't seem to be online yet, but the Paris premiere of Cars was preceeded by a "well received" teaser for Ratatouille.

Ah, how lovely. Just as I'd got into the bath, and looked behind me, I saw a woodlouse scurrying from a crack where the bath caulking's peeled away from the shelf behind the bath. So if I recline, I may be joined by a multilegged guest. Mm.

Of course, an hour after I write that, I feel.. something on my back.

Wow.. up to 91 icons used of 108. ^_^

So many countries left to visit! I need to see all of SE Asia in particular, as far as permissible - as I recall, Laos doesn't like individual tourists, only groups. And maybe Nepal isn't the best spot right now. I think I'd start in Singapore, up to Kuala Lumpur (both well overdue for another visit), then the train up through the central lands to the eastern side of the Thai border. I don't think I want to plan much of it ahead of time, though - that'd spoil the spontaneity of it. Hmm. Maybe I could remain online via Iridium.. only for email, given the hair-raising costs (around $1/MB, as I recall), and scorching 2400 baud throughput, but it would work everywhere. Although I can imagine some Customs folk being upset with such a device.. not sure North Korea's quite ready for an ad hoc cybercafe. ^_^ (Mind, that would be a load of fun to put into action.. parachute hundreds of tough laptops and satellite modems over some rural areas)

I think I'd like to take the Biology GRE, just for the fun of it.

"If I had my way, if I was lucky enough, if I could be on the brink my entire life - that great sense of expectation and excitement without the disappointment - that would be the perfect state." - Cate Blanchett