April 4th, 2006

Curr and Skeef

While You Were Out..

(Today's track can be found here, 2.2MB)

Here's a good comparison between the 5400 and 7200rpm disk options of the MacBook Pro, as well as externals connected to Firewire 400 and 800. The results between the two disk speeds are quite illuminating - as you'd expect, the drive hanging off Firewire 800 is noticeably faster than the FW400 unit. But the 7200rpm drive only comes into its own in certain cases, such as moderate writes.

The cheaper Intel Mac mini only sports a Core Solo - but, the CPU is socketed, so as this page points out (albeit Googlemangled from German), it's quite feasible to replace it with a Core Duo.

EPA proposal for the day: 'Under current law, plants that emit 10 tons or more of a single toxin in a year, or 25 tons or more of a combination of toxins, must install "maximum achievable control technology" to cut those emissions by 95 percent or more. The draft proposal would lift that requirement from polluters that have reduced their emissions to below 25 tons a year, potentially allowing emissions to increase so long as they stay under the 25-ton limit.

An internal EPA memo summarizing the position of eight of the agency's ten regional offices, dated Dec. 13, contended the change could conceivably result in an increase in toxic emissions. Seven of the offices agreed that the proposal would allow polluters to "virtually avoid regulation and greatly complicate any enforcement."'

QotD: "Supervisors who think they (and everyone else) should be grateful to have a job [are] the digital equivalent of the janitor with one toothbrush at Amal's House of Dodgy Curry, Weak Beer and Salmonella."

Here's a fun AMV (20MB) - opening titles for Evangelion, in the style of Cowboy Bebop. ^_^ (Even if you're not an anime sort, get this for the theme, Tank! by The Seatbelts)

Okay, who wants to get a stack of these printed out and distributed? =:)