March 27th, 2006

Twink "Supercute" cover

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As pointed out by roohbear, this TV ad for butter features some brilliantly realistic furry CG. Bunnies included. ^_^ Just click on "Quicktime and credits" to view it in its entirety. (Check out some of the other work they've done, including one video for the Chemical Brothers)

Meanwhile, on the real media front, hbruton's been continuing her notable work with two badges that, for me, particularly stood out:

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Sedge HareRikoshi

(Both are safe for work, although your reactions are your own responsibility)

It's Shorts Sunday! Here are a couple that caught my eye recently.

Psyop anthem (8.5MB) - a promo for these folks [edit: corrected!], dangerously catchy..

Nizlopi - The JCB Song (17MB), a sparklingly refreshing ditty about a boy and his father's digger.

Grand Drive - Maybe I'm a Winner (18.6MB), a beautifully melancholic song, represented in the fate of the rabbit.

I was tickled to notice the photo on the left of the second row of SignOnSanDiego's gallery of the recent auction of "Duke" Cunningham's seized assets. This might also amuse mycroftb and pyesetz.. his vacated Congressional seat (CA-50; much of San Diego county, but not the city itself) goes to a special election on April 11.

So, I finally watched Kekexili. It's convenient to describe it as something of a Western, which just happens to be set on the Tibetan plateau (Tibet, the nation the world forgot, as China moved in for its occupation, still uncontested). It focuses on a Beijing reporter who winds up there, wanting to cover the story of the volunteer patrol attempting to see off the extinction of the Tibetan antelope, whose wool and skin were (are?) highly prized by poachers, sending their numbers plummeting from the hundreds of thousands down to a few thousand. Consider the ruthlessness of the landscape, and you'll have an idea of how harsh is the story told. And yes, it's seemingly based on events of that patrol, from 1993-1996. The writing is quite simple - it's not a complex story, but one to see and feel. Be aware this is not Hollywood, but somewhere much less forgiving.

Time's cover story is on global warming, and as one might expect - though it's still surprising to see it given such prominence in such a mainstream American publication - it's not exactly cheery.

Eek! So Adobe's said CS3 isn't coming until Q2 2007 - which leaves Intel Mac owners stuck with Potatoshop under Rosetta until then. Not so bad, given how well the emulation works, but still hardly ideal. Wonder if the Gimp folks might take advantage of this opening? As I understand, it still has some major flaws that count against it in functionality, let alone UI, compared to Photoshop, but a year of non-competition would surely be to their benefit - and having two strong competitors, rather than one dominant, could only be a good thing, especially with one of them much more affordable than the other. (Not, of course, that there are any illicit license keys for Photoshop in use around the world) (And right on cue, marko_the_rat notices there's a new version out, apparently with added Snappiness™ - still X11-dependent for now, but with various OS X implementations available, including one available on the OS X discs as an optional installation, that's no big deal)

This Daily Kos entry makes several points regarding the condition of the US economy in recent years, such as the substantially increased reliance on drawing on savings, rather than depositing into them, and the acquisition of greater debt. With luck, the matter can be remedied by milder means such as higher interest rates.

shep_shepherd noticed this rather spiffy story about a remarkably spritely LA bus cleaner who's deciding to retire, on his centenary. "I just kept on going. I'd rather be moving, working or doing something than laying around the house."

O.o; Second Life Escorts. *giggle*