February 19th, 2006

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Blame loganberrybunny for bringing this to my attention.. Tom Baker Tells Jokes, courtesy of BT's SMS-phone gateway service.

The thought occurs: wouldn't a Feral-style furry camp/con work well elsewhere too? EuroFurence seems to be doing well out of it - how about something down around Monterey, or up in Marin County somewhere? (I'd say Britain too, but a furcon within the borders of the United Kingdom is one of the signs of the apocalypse)

foofers noted this breathtaking dragon ironwork. It really has to be seen to be believed.

w00t! I'm on SL. And I'm not human, courtesy of the extraordinarily helpful foxymoonheart, whose av-building skills I can but regard with admiration. ^_^ I can definitely see myself getting into construction and scripting, with a focus on avatars and clothing; but being a naked ringtail isn't such a bad way to find oneself. ^_^ Is it worth shelling out money for a paid account? (For now, I'm simply on a free basic account; I might upgrade at some point, if it all works out. So far, it's looking encouraging) What events and places can folks recommend?

Out of curiosity, how impossible would it be to have an actual transformation in SL, unobscured by any effects - actually witnessing the change from one species to another? I've barely touched prims at all, let alone scripting, so it might be a complete non-starter, or just too heavy on the bandwidth to be usable.

Just for fun, I should try the SL client on Ocelot.. the framerate might not be too astonishing. :) (400MHz TiBook, 8MB Rage 128 Mobility.. actually, the client might not even run on it)

Courtesy of rubberskunk, a delectable TF story - Surf's Up. It's ottah time! Add in some lycra too.. really not such a bad combination. Oh, and sex. (I've heard about that)

Browsing around Wikipedia, I noticed this piece of trivia: "In an episode of the show Futurama called 'The Farnsworth Parabox', an alternate universe where everyone is a hippie is numbered as Universe 420." ^_^

<td>*squee!* I've got all of Dick Spanner!</td><td></td>