February 17th, 2006

Borg Pony

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Egad! There are rabbits around here! On the way back from the supermarket on Wednesday night, I saw a brown rabbit zoom (a wise move, as it's a moderately busy bypass) across the road - or rather, I saw it once it'd reached the other side. Maybe it's time to dust off the camcorder!

Vulpine sorts may wish to check out this trailer.

Sátántangó should be well worth the time - and it will take a little, as it's a film seven and a hour hours long. I don't see IMDb ratings that high very often, and where they exist, I've found them worthwhile, as with Heart of a Dog.

ibneko might want this iPod cover.. ^_^

Apparently, mutant space bunnies are in this season. I think.

Has anyone played Rub Rabbits? I know there's no actual lapine connection, but it looks somewhat interesting nonetheless.

So, I accepted Tom Nook's offer to enlarge my humble home - which cost 20,000 Bells. The improvements? 120,000 Bells! Ye gods and little fishes (of which there seems to be a plentiful supply, so I'm not too worried)! I mean, not to sound ungrateful to him, but how does enlarging a home cost six times as much as the house itself? Frankly, I wish I'd had the option of just getting six more of the old size, and linking them together with Minneapolis-style walkways. See, if we could only combine The Sims with Animal Crossing..

Yay! I have a bunny hood now! ^_^

It's good to see Ein fared okay after Bebop.

For drhoz - and anyone else who's missed it - Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather for Ducks, one of the coolest videos of the past decade. ^_^ It's only reasonable quality, as it's the freebie version the production company released on the web - but a load of fun all the same.

Amidst current Stuff™, one favorite is Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (16.5MB). (Edit: PSP version here - 10MB)

Want to rate your system's graphical performance against others'? CineBench 9.5 is now out. Oddly, only as a single bundle, containing an OS X Universal Binary, and Windows 2000/XP versions.

And mycroftb amongst others might like to see LJ now includes autosaving of journal entry drafts.