January 21st, 2006

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Anyone who's worked in retail might enjoy this Mindless Self Indulgence video, directed by Jhonen Vasquez. Is fun.

The recent LJ introduction of subdomains and newfresh cookies for everyone, succinctly explained. ^_^

Well, that's something of a turn up.. peeking at Box Office Mojo just now showed Thursday's takings led by Brokeback Mountain, followed by Glory Road, Last Holiday, Hostel, and Narnia. True, it's January, but still - not bad going. And it's now showing in 1,196 theaters, considerably above its initial release.

Interesting little tweak - if you search on LJ interests now, following the old-style listing of matching communities, all the individual users (and it does seem to be all, rather than the first 500 or so) are shown in a simple matrix, with default icon, name, journal title, and all sorted by how recently they updated.

"A Baltimore judge struck down a 33-year-old state law against gay marriage Friday, declaring it violates the Maryland Constitution's guarantee of equal rights."

The trailer for The Wild suggests it might be reasonable entertainment, though the description does sort of remind me of another CG animated feature from not so long ago.. '"The Wild" follows a teenage lion from the New York Zoo who gets accidentally shipped to Africa and freed. His friends at the zoo including an older lion, a giraffe, an anaconda, and a squirrel must unite to bring him back.' Very cute squirrel..

Speaking of Disney, we're now hearing reports from the likes of the WSJ that they're in serious talks to buy Pixar, with the prospect of Jobs holding a seat on the board, and being the largest individual shareholder in the group. I'm always wary of takeovers, as they seldom go nearly as well for those concerned as for the people orchestrating such mergers - but, if Pixar were essentially left to run autonomously, it could be a good fit, considering how closely the companies have worked in the past, to mutual benefit.

You know, I'm sure there are thousands of kids who can beat this record. (Work safe, but you might regret seeing it :)

Wow, that's not bad going.. Lumines arrived on Friday. Maybe that holds hope for the others arriving soon. I'm afraid it's as addictive as claimed, even if I'm only at around 20,000 in Challenge Mode at the moment. ^_^;

Every now and then, a tale pops up on customers_suck that really makes one wonder.. this one is just such an example. On the other paw, this one is simply hilarious, and illustrates very well why men should behave when in a strip club. (I've heard of them)

If you're geekily curious, here's an article on the OS X boot process, including a brief introduction to Open Firmware (alas, supplanted on the Intel Macs by Intel's own EFI).

Kewl! Just got word from the (hopefully) new ISP that I should be migrated over by the 25th. They're very clear on the point that unlimited usage really does mean what people commonly think of as "unlimited", rather than a twisty variant thereof. 1GB of webspace won't hurt, either - plenty more space for site clips, and general randomness. ^_^ (Maximum individual file size of 50MB, which is fine by me)

Speaking of the site, it'll likely see a day or two's downtime as a result, as everyone's DNS gets updated, and the files uploaded to their new home; unfortunately, it looks like the webspace will only become active once the DSL switch has taken place, but that shouldn't prove any problem.