January 17th, 2006

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There's a new lapine sport: synchronised grooming. And speaking of grooming, come on.. tell me this clip isn't adorable.

In order to help show off H.264, one clip Apple's demonstrating is especially worth seeing: a 4m22 BBC Motion Gallery short with some absolutely wonderful wildlife footage from around the world, Andes to Amazon. It's available in 480p and 720p versions, 82MB and 220MB respectively.

tuskyn pointed out the Best Name Evar for a lube: Boy Butter. ^_^

Hmm. I wonder if Linden Lab's considered a Second Life client for the PSP.. though, as I understand, their current engine's not exactly state of the art in efficiency.

So, what would you do for a flying car?

While checking the spamtrap, I noticed a sender which looked, at first glance, like a machine a xenophobic Australian serial killer might use: "Pom Shredder". (Actually "rn", rather than an "m")

And this demonstrates the eternal superiority of Japanese advertising.

Silly equine pic for the day: Strider's Ashley. Not especially work safe, but very cute.

Dot matrix printer music. It's actually surprisingly good, in a bleepbeat way. (Beware the page design, though. My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!)

As absolutely not work-safe as it gets: MeatSpin. (The audio's quite safe, but visually.. not quite so much)

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