January 3rd, 2006

Bunny in cup

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Now this.. for this I would learn to drive.

The Java-based Falling Sand Game is.. curious. You've got several different items you can position, from water to plantlife, and a starry slug-like creature..

Abramoff pleads guilty. Poor Mr DeLay. ^_^

So, it looks like Brokeback Mountain's faring surprisingly well at the box office. Despite an anaemic 269 screens, it's reached $15m in box office, against a $14m budget. I've not yet managed to see it, but I think I'd like to.

It's just as well elephants can't drive - just think of the rate oil reserves would've been used up if so. And if they'd been American elephants..

I finally got around to burning off a pile of videostuff - and freed up about 48GB. Yipe! Now, I would like to know why these "Mr. DVD 8x DVD-R" discs report in Toast as being 4x, though..

Dinner was something of an accidental success. ^_^ The focus was a surprisingly good applewood smoked pork loin from the local supermarket, just roasted gently without anything added. I made up a random sauce using one packet each of leek & potato and chicken & mushroom instant soup, a dash of hot smoked paprika, pepper, and garlic salt, the whole served with mashed swede & potato and some steamed broccoli.