December 28th, 2005


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The Psychiatric Institute for Abused Cuddly Toys needs to be seen. It's an interactive Flash work, and rather more engaging than one might suspect..

Isn't this bunny photo delightful?

If you have a PSP or a DS - or better still, both - which would you recommend, and why? What are the titles I'd absolutely have to have? How much fun are Lumines and Animal Crossing.. ? (Is there any Katamari goodness coming the PSP's way?)

Here's a musical curiosity that'd make Hermes Conrad squeal in delight.. and the title is authentic. Postal Workers Canceling Stamps At The University Of Ghana Post Office (2.9MB), courtesy of one of my favorite musical weblogs, Aurgasm.

Hm. I may have to try out ATIccelerator II sometime.. it's a little utility for playing with the GPU and VRAM clock speeds on the fly. Sounds like recent PowerBooks are reasonably conservatively engineered, with a 30% improvement easily possible, if you don't mind the extra heat and lowered battery life. Not that I have any actual reason to want to do so - it's just the principle, you know?

Great company name: Dragon Rescue.

New Year's Day will start one second later this year. Just so you know.

Wewt! Finally got the room LAN back in order again - so Ocelot's back to being firewall, modem driver, and general dogsbody, sharing the connection with Mouse over WiFi, and over ethernet with Hyzenthlay. Bunny, meanwhile, remains in slumber, though it could daisy-chain off Mouse over ethernet. (And to think, of Mouse, Ocelot, and Hyzenthlay, it's the newest which is the cheapest of them all, considering prices when new)

But - the USB DSL modem's time has come. It's always been flaky, refusing to pass data multiple times per day. Add in the fact that I want to be able to leave the DSL connection in a usable, stable condition when I'm not here, and I finally placed an order for a modem/switch/WiFi router.

A bit late, but still.. day 24 of Weebl's advent calendar is amusing.

Good to see UNIT back on Doctor Who. Even if the PM's line "He's not my boss, and he's certainly not turning this into a war" pretty much gave it away as fiction. But.. why did she give that order? Overall, I wasn't taken by the direction and editing, but, aside from one or two trying scenes, particularly Rose's attempt to address the invaders, the storyline was highly enjoyable. Very cool ending theme orchestral arrangement, too, modulo mandatory idiot continuity announcer; which you can find here, sans babble. ^_^ (791K) Loved the H2G2 and TLK refs, of course, and the quick preview of the coming season promises much fun to come (and some of that furry, too!) - and, yes, I think Tennant will do pretty well as the Doctor. A Doctor as ascerbic as he should be quite fun to write for.. [Edit: link fixed!]