December 24th, 2005

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patch_bunny pointed out an MST3K-style parody of Dark Dungeons, a Chick tract. ^_^;

I can think of a couple folks who might enjoy CBBC's Husky Racers Flash game.. ^_^ (Thanks to sockscatt)

Here's a fascinating look into a most unusual car factory in Dresden.

Phallic snow! 'Many scholars, of course, trace the origin of the modern-day yule log to ancient pagan totems to virility and sun-god worship. Is that what Sherer was going for?

"We just did it because we were really bored, and we thought it'd be funny." she said. "It was huge."'

And on that note, this posting in animaloptica. Probably not work-safe. ^_^ [Edit: link's dead, and after only a couple hours..]

So, I need to come up with a new word for the English language; one expressing calm acceptance that nothing you can do will, at that moment, be helpful, whilst also expressing many old Anglo-Saxon epithets. The cause? Last weekend, Hyzenthlay took a nice little fall from a table onto a hardwood floor. As it was falling, I couldn't really grab it without probably killing the screen.. so, in bullet-time, I had to wait for entropy to settle down.

Mercifully, I can confirm the current PowerBooks are quite durable; no visible sign that anything had happened - aside from a cracked case, belonging to the tiny printer server the display casing met on the floor.

SCO continues to wither, reporting revenue of $36m for this year, down from $42.8m previously - although their diminishing scale did buy a smaller net loss, $10.7m, compared to $16.2m last year. I did like Darl's comment that "Additionally, with the closing of our $10 million private placement in November 2005, we are confident that we will be able to execute on our business strategies and see our litigation through to its conclusion", as if the two were distinct. ^_^

The wonderful world of politics manages to make a pig's ear of yet another bright, hopeful proposal, this time San Francisco's aim of city-wide WiFi. Essentially, all requirements have more or less been dropped, including speed, coverage, security, and privacy policy. And whatever decision is made will be on a long-term basis, akin to the magic that that's brought to the city's cable service.

I think this TV spot (10.8MB) is one of the more gently amusing ones turned out by a.. well, guess what/who they're advertising before the logo appears. ^_^

In other thrilling news, it looks like I need to lay my paws on something running Windows XP, offering at least one PCI slot. (The key here is the PCI slot, and an unexpectedly missing, tiny, awkward to source, and doubleminuscheap piece of interface hardware, which was fine hanging off one of Hyzenthlay's USB, under Virtual PC. I doubt it offers the required SSE3 emulation, but it'd be fun to try running OS X Intel within it..)
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Cheney/Rumsfeld slashfic. O.o;; (Blame mycroftb) .. I think my brain just broke.

The zodiac, represented by bunnies:

(Click for full size version)

I wish I had a camera.. I'm going to have to remedy that at some point. (Any recommendations or warnings? I'm not too bothered about resolution, but I would like a good optical zoom. Slimness would be an advantage, too, as I'd like to be able to slip it in a pocket without feeling like I'm stowing a grapefruit) Then, I could've taken a pic of perhaps the coolest Christmas tree topper evar - the Burning Man logo, perhaps about 4' tall. ^_^ (On a house just above one of the taquerias on Church St, just up from Market)

Does anyone know why some countries use "." as a decimal point in currency, and others use ","? I'm curious as to the origin of the different practices.

And to make up for that first link, have a bunny-packed fchan thread. No, not even remotely work-safe. Yay!