November 13th, 2005

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Yay! An animated GIF of Futa, the walking red panda!

Saturday saw a very special treat, with patch_bunny bringing along a VHS copy (indeed, it only appears to've seen a DVD release in France so far, and that only at the start of 2004) of Marquis, a film you're probably not going to see as part of the official Further Confusion video show any time soon. ^_^ Highly recommended.

Today's video joy is one I should've highlighted long ago.. The Real Tuesday Weld's Bathtime in Clerkenwell (5.4MB). Catchy tune, highly nifty silhouette animation. Sort of furry, too. Well, feathery.

Now, not being one for heights, I'm not sure I'd actually go on it without a hefty wager behind me, but this skywalk that amelitatwinstar pointed out should prove to be fairly unique. And terrifying. ^_^;;

Of course, one should bear in mind the source isn't always solidly reliable, but this article from Capitol Hill Blue, as noted by patch_bunny, offers some observations on the condition of the chief occupant of the White House. And rabitguy noticed Muhammad Ali's amusingly forthright appearance in the White House recently.. :)

I thought austin_dern might enjoy this example of broken English. And rosequoll's even making a coati!

pyesetz wonders what sort of folks might be interested in his journal.. you might like to wander along there sometime. ^_^

Currently, it's looking like a July 25 2006 release for the first Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain DVD boxes, with around 22 episodes each set.

So, tgeller's drive needed archiving - first a couple DVDs, before we thought better of it and simply made a compressed image of the entire drive, squishing down to 14GB, prior to reformatting and zeroing. Appropriately enough, while watching the Futurama episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back, wherein Bender's entire personality is downloaded and erased. ^_^

Heh. To think I interviewed with the company responsible for Sony's Windows rootkit.. they were quite proud of their close ties to Sony. With luck, the fallout from this wretched episode will be sore enough to dissuade any other potential corporate perpetrator. Perhaps it'll finally clue in some more people that this style of thinking has little to do with preventing "piracy".

And now, off to Muddy Waters for a good, well-caffeinated mocha with caramel syrup, and probably some programming at the same time. And I feel fish will be figuring prominently in tonight's menu.. the raw variety. :-9
Porsupah smile by Djinni

One of the crowd

Slightly weird.. Muddy Waters is a good (my favorite mocha) coffee house, and they've become very laptop-friendly, pointing out power sockets and their free WiFi.

There are currently five laptops in the room. All of them PowerBooks. ^_^ (Aha! No, there's what might be a Dell too)
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