November 5th, 2005

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More photos of the squirrel adopted by a dog - even cuter than before. ^_^

By way of the inimitable rubberskunk, a quite unsafe-for-work furry, shiny Twelve Days of Christmas. ^_^

Lunch? A couple of the QA guys and myself were wondering what to do (as if there's a desperate shortage of eating venues :), and Mexican won out - so I chimed in with El Farolito, long a favorite for what I'd consider about the best burritos in the Bay. And lo, neither of them had tried the place before. One jaunt down to the 24th St station later, and I was enjoying carne asada tacos (extra meat).. oh yes, these aren't anything like Taco Hell. Not by a long chalk. *grin*

Dinner.. yes, I cheated again, feeling more like eating out than sitting at home on a Friday night, so I finally got to try the honey and rosemary marinated lamb spare ribs over at the Magnolia Cafe. Oh, seriously good. And their current seasonal - Barking Pumpkin - on cask is amongst their finest brews.

Egad. Détente reaches new levels.. apparently Doctor Who will reach the far shores of France for the first time. Just as the US ducks out. ^_^

Oh, the irony.. "President George Bush has ordered all White House senior staff to take a refresher course in ethics, it is revealed", says the headline for this story on their World page.

W00T! Finally got into the Haight again, to pick up a birthday present - which, of course, was no longer on display in the window, and I didn't recall where I'd actually seen it. But I wandered into a place that seemed like it might be the kind of place that'd sell it, and some gazing around revealed one box.. ^_^ (Thankfully, they're open until eight. I'd been worried I might miss them, as I didn't get my tail out of bed until weeelllll into the afternoon. I'd intended to go along to Travelling with Che Guevara, too. :-P Still, snoozing from 3am to 1pm is pretty good going, even for me - but, I suppose it's been a fairly busy week. Not that those are going to be letting up any time soon.. and frankly, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it :)

Tonight, though, will find me ambling along to this at 10.10pm:

"Historias del Desencanto (Stories of Disenchantment)
Director: Alejandro Valle Mexico 2005, 120 minutes
In a limbo between centuries, the world is devastated by the Disenchantment. In this fantastical context, three characters meet in the labyrinths of their dreams: Ainda, a bat-winged artist; Diego, a filmmaker whose innocence resides in his belly button; and Ximena, an adolescent in full sexual awakening. Together, they experience a post-modern, gender-bending loss of sexual innocence in this mystical love story."

Of course, I had to return to the Magnolia Cafe. Mm, grilled persimmon salad with hazelnuts and a maple vinaigrette.. :-9 Then their flat-iron steak (rare, natch. ARRRNOMNOMNOMNOM) with chantarelle gravy (both specials tonight).

I suppose the only blemish on last weekend at Marine World was when, having reached the final waiting area for Medusa, a reasonably evil-looking 'coaster, it went out of service for a couple hours. :-P (Leaving some folks stranded on a platform midway through the ride, too) But the rest of the day shrivelled such trifling concerns..