October 30th, 2005

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Seeing the truncated subject line of one piece of spam actually tempted me to look at it (not that I'd ever act on spam, needless to say, other than perhaps tracking down the perpetrator) - "Interact with wild a...". I was so disappointed when it wasn't "animals", but "and kinky girls free". I'd have accepted "armadillos" too. Maybe "anteaters" as well.

From an article on attempts to trademark smells in the EU: "Only one scent has so far won EU trademark protection: the smell of freshly cut grass. A Dutch perfume company registered it in 2000 and uses it to make tennis balls smell good."

One or two folks might be interested in this: "Big Dinos Return", over at the Lawrence Hall of Science, at UC Berkeley, until January 16 2006. One line in particular caught my eye - "giant robotic dinosaurs". How can anyone say no to giant robotic dinosaurs? (Though, the exhibits seem to be geared for, say, 12 year olds and younger, judging by the site)

Woohoo! masem pointed out word that Warner is actually - finally - considering a DVD release for Animaniacs! [Edit: added the missing link. Rawr!]

So, what playground stuff did you most enjoy? ^_^ (I was always a big fan of concrete pipes, but a slide like that looks like way too much fun :) .. and just in case you're not familiar with the strip, zoom over to bad_rabbit for much more.

As for Sunday? I woke up and managed to be waiting by the door at 10am - a good thing, as it turned out, as my reply to those picking me up didn't get through, so they only knew the cross-streets. Just as well I'd said (in that email) I'd be waiting outside. ^_^ In brief: tossed around and spun briefly on Kong (a 'coaster of the suspending variety), watched some penguins and stingrays, some very leisurely, very happy time in a pool with three dolphins (to the point of feeling where their few "whiskers" were for their first month, and seeing the difference between male and female dolphins) with seven friends (including Smash and Dragon, whom I'd not seen in probably seven years), perfect stuffing at a Korean barbecue place, with the rounding off to an absolutely fabulous day being a thick slice of pumpkin cheesecake.