October 12th, 2005


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Agh! I'm going to have to make a point of picking up The Onion as soon as it comes out - I missed Palm Pictures and The Onion offering an early screening of their new Directors Label volumes; previously including Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry, and Spike Jonze, the new additions are Stéphane Sednaoui, Mark Romanek, Jonathan Glazer, and Anton Cerbijn. ("Join The Onion for an exclusive screening and we'll buy your beer")

Ah well. There's always Tippi Hedren's (of The Birds) Q&A session at the Castro Theatre later in the month.

Will we be seeing patch_bunny modelling this new BMW helmet? Very sleek. (But not quite free with the cornflakes, eep!)

I know nothing about it, but 24 Hours on Craigslist sounds irresistible. And I still have a couple of passes to the Red Vic. (Thanks amelitatwinstar!)

While nosing around the Lumiere's site, I noticed they have a veritable mine of cinematic links, including many production companies, film festival sites, streaming media, and more. (It's a Landmark cinema, same outfit that owned the Hillcrest down in San Diego, where I saw - on the big screen - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. The proud, the all too few.. :)

zrath might want to sneak up thisaway next month - this week's Guardian notes Front 242's playing the DNA Lounge on Nov 6. (Ah, wish I still had a copy of the one video I've seen from them)

Dinner's centerpiece will be a nice hunk of organic grass-fed Chateaubriand cut steak, courtesy of Whole Paycheck Market's new(ish) SoMa branch, not too inconveniently located a bit down from 4th & Mission. So many dangerously tempting items, not least of all their mouth-watering cheese selection.. now there'd be a benefit in having a roomie - I could be sure of everything in the fridge being used up in time. ^_^ Of course, that would assume some willingness to be used as a guinea pig for my culinary concoctions. Muahahahaaa!

(As it turned out, I just went for some of the glass noodles with tiger prawns, and the remaining chicken coated in my special mix, even if that batch wound up with rather too much fish sauce, destroying the ingredients' balance - still tasty :)

From a lexicon in an article in FLM Magazine (which deals with films and filmmaking), on a forthcoming production, Transamerica:

Baldness: a genetic defect that can sometimes be corrected with estrogen therapy.

Baldness: a genetic gift that can sometimes be acquired with testosterone therapy.

Woohoo! Mirrormask's playing at the Lumiere until Thursday, Oct 20. ^_^ Plenty of time to see it again.

And that steak was very good, oh yes. ^_^ (Just a little fish sauce and a curious animo acid mix, plus some black pepper on each side, cooked on a moderate heat for a genuinely medium-rare steak, still some red in the middle) Who needs a sauce when the meat's that good? I just served that along with some of the glass noodles, and three baby tomatoes from a friend's garden. Had some mustard too, but that just wasn't necessary, the meat being so succulent and rich in flavor, worth eating slowly, the better to savor each bite.

Now for more room-hunting fun, whee!