October 3rd, 2005

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There's not much to say of Thursday, but it was quietly satisfying nonetheless. After a late start, I hopped on a random Muni line down to Ocean, and happened to (just) catch a 29 coming in the right direction, which wound its way up through the park, and eventually into the mysterious lands of the fabled Presidio, the bus wending its way past all but hidden picnic nooks and unicorns, finally pausing at the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge. And yet more tucked away pathways, though by this time twilight was well launched, reducing the exploration time somewhat; which hardly hurt the wonder of the moment, once more enjoying the view of the GG Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Sausalito, Tiburon, and more, traced out in fluorescent sparkles.

So, dinner. ^_^ Glutinous rice vinegar, oyster sauce, water, some dried Sichuan peppers, and a handful of woodears for the base, plus a dozen or so Taiwanese shrimp balls. Once the latter had defrosted, a sliced chicken breast went in. Close to the end, a handful of snow peas and a couple small bok choi, plus a handful or two of already cooked vermicelli from the other day.

Fiery, but tasty. ^_^;

Oh, these internally illuminated serpents and electric frogs are rather spiffy. ^_^

patch_bunny pointed out the trailer for a heartwarming family movie (9.8MB). (And yay! We finally got to meet on Saturday, despite the best efforts of Muni to thwart our rendezvous. Running late, I thought I'd save time by catching the 24 down to 24th.. naturally, I saw three heading in the other direction before one arrived southbound. Perhaps Muni's successfully testing cloaking devices)

Or, via mythos_amante, there are these folks - click on the thumbnails for a much better view of each.

I think ysengrin and thewerewolf should track down a full-size copy of this poster. ^_^

Does anyone have an opinion which is better for their 'coasters - Great America, or Six Flags (formerly Marine World)? Neither's going to be any Cedar Point (which I shall get to someday.. do they close for the winter, xolo? I feel a roadtrip coming on, next year..), but for now, one of them should be in the offing. Especially if I can make up a decent bunny tail beforehand.

Fancy some black toilet paper?

Ever wondered just what The Avengers were avenging? The first reel of its pilot, newly rediscovered, reveals the story.

In GOP news, Judith Miller agrees to testify, and DeLay's court appearance is set for Oct 21.

BTW, with the release of Serenity - is it necessary to have seen the series first? (I've not seen anything of Firefly) The Onion's review suggests it'd help, but not strictly necessary. I'm certainly up for Mirrormask, though, and it's playing at the Lumiere. ^_^ And Friday sees the release of the top film to see of the year: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Dinner tonight, though - a simpler affair, as I'm in a pizza mood (or, was). Just a Freschetta pepperoni & roasted vegetables frozen slab, with a chicken breast chopped up and tossed in garlic and oyster sauce, and some woodears, plus a dash of chili powder and wasabi. And it was delicious. :-9

And by way of aethwolf, have a baby Eastern Grey squirrel.
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