July 13th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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I thought a certain someone might enjoy this one minute clip (5.6MB) of a rather cool ratty, as in a recent episode of "Yes, Dear". Unusually, it's a realistic looking one, rather than toony or mascot style - but the maker and performer really pulled it off.

As you've doubtless noticed elsewhere, FurAffinity is back. ^_^ Hopefully without incident this time, given there will always be those who find pleasure in destruction. (I could do without the 40 min limit on logins, though)

This DailyKos entry is quite a detailed look into the possibility that Fitzgerald is getting his ducks in a row for indictments under the Espionage Act. It's a lengthy piece, but worthwhile. Video of the recent press conference with Scott McClellan wishing to make clear he will not comment on an ongoing criminal investigation can be found here (5.6MB, 6 mins; the audio level's quite low, but clear).

Good to see the Welsh Assembly's pushing ahead with wind power, even if the current total is a fairly nominal 30MW, the target being a more useful 1GW. I used to live with a wind farm on the near horizon, and miss it.. quite tall, each of the three propellers rotating gently in the sunset, offering such beauty and utility at the same time.

If you have an iPod mini, Newer Technology's just added a replacement battery for that family too - $25, and at 600mAh, 50% greater capacity than the one supplied.

Sadly, it seems as if Enter the Cow-orker is no more - through a certain irony, just after said individual left his department, he's also moved on elsewhere. Still, if you'd like to sample a real life Dilbert - unless you're already living the adventure - it's worth perusing. I'd suggest starting with the 2002 archives, once he'd fully gained appreciation for his situation.

Monday's Astronomy Picture of the Day was actually quite terrestrial - have a look at this impressive picture of sunrise above Mount Kilimanjaro, with the lava lighting the clouds from below.