July 9th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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If I may, I'll offer two anecdotes that may help illustrate my outlook.

'The Dalai Lama once told of a monk he met, recently escaped from Tibet, who had spent 18 years in a Chinese Gulag. When asked about his experiences, he said "Oh yes, there were many times I was in danger."

Thinking he meant physical danger, the Dalai Lama asked him to elaborate.

"A few times, I almost lost compassion for my guards." the monk replied.

The Buddhist take on cruelty and injustice is that it requires action. If they see a person beating another in the street, and intervene, they do so because they believe they have to save not one person, but two. They believe it isn't possible to hurt another person without first hurting yourself, deeply.'


'Once, when Dr. King was preparing to leave Mobile, Alabama and march on a small town in Florida he happened upon a group of volunteers who were packing shotguns onto the bus. Martin asked them what they thought they were doing.  A younger, serious man piped up and said that the guns were necessary for his protection, that the Klan in Florida was far more violent and dangerous than Alabama's.

Dr King then said that he was worried about the safety of the marchers, but he was equally worried about the safety of any violent klansmen who might attack the buses. "Don't you understand?" He asked, "they are our brothers too, and we are also fighting to free them."'


As for the recent London trouble, I'll simply note a link that's been going around, which I think sums up the situation perfectly adequately. ^_^

A Letter To The Terrorists, From London

London will continue exactly as before, as it has before any previous bombings; and therein lies their perpetrators' failure, now and forever.