July 3rd, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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If you know a Star Wars geek, point them towards I Harth Darth. The Dark Side has never been so cute. ^_^ (There's also this Vader, from Korea)

A rather special show on NASA TV shortly: live coverage of Deep Impact's cometary collision, planned for about 1.52am EDT on July 4 (ie Monday 6.52am in the UK, Sunday 10.52pm in California). The channel's available on better cable networks, or on the net here, as a RealVideo stream. As space.com puts it, "NASA's Deep Impact mission is slated to crash an 820-pound (371-kilogram) Impactor probe into Comet Tempel 1 and record the event via a Flyby mothership, orbital observatories like the Hubble and Spitzer space telescope, and a myriad of ground-based telescopes from around the world."

torrle took this spiffy stereogram. Works surprisingly well!

An observation on Dalek and The Parting of the Ways, from the perspicacious momentrabbit. (Spoilery) And, Bob the Angry Flower makes friends with a Dalek.

Dragon fanciers might like this excellent piece. And for raccoon/snake sorts, this surrealistic creation.

Behold the power of duct tape - in prom clothing!

Taurin's got a new animation out: Taurin and the Water Tentacles (43MB). Possibly not work-safe.

Now, if mycroftb could only find an orange version of The Purple Store.. dedicated, as its name suggests, to selling only purple things.

TDK's showing off a quad-layer recordable Blu-Ray disc, with a capacity of 100GB, using a prototype Pioneer drive writing at 2x. That'll require the host to deliver 9MB/s - which means a little over three hours for a full disc. ^_^;

Ah, peace.. the horde's away for the weekend, so I've a day or two to myself. To celebrate, I took advantage of a much-less-busy-than-usual kitchen to brew up a vaguely Thai curry, starting with a packet of dried cream of broccoli soup, adding three small bird's eye peppers, a little smoked hot paprika, a good bit of basil, plenty of garlic powder, a small bunch of freshly chopped cilantro, around fifteen tiny mushrooms, and a couple teaspoons of coconut cream. For the meat, a packet of diced chicken thigh, and just before serving, five small crabsticks, cut into 1cm segments. (No fish sauce in the house, unfortunately, though there might still be some shrimp paste lurking somewhere) Left all that to simmer for an hour or so, letting the sauce reduce right down.. not bad at all. ^_^

Maybe I'll take advantage of the quietness to enjoy a movie or two, such as Body Jumper. But I think more Zettai Shounen first - it's proving to be an engaging series.

Meanwhile, Saturday saw the preparation of quite a fine pizza, starting with an "antipasti" pizza from the supermarket. <Gravelly movie trailer voice>But that.. was only the beginning.</Gravelly movie trailer voice> Herbs! Dried garlic (and plenty of it), a little smoked hot paprika, and a good bit of rosemary. Then, meat - some chopped up German cured ham, to add to the Italian sliced sausages already present, and a few thickly sliced mushrooms. And, because it was there, the rest of the curry above. ^_^ (Only about two tablespoons, thankfully including several chunks of chicken)