June 11th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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What's life like in Calcutta? Give some kids some cameras, and find out.

Thanks to avon_deer, I now have a reason to visit Cambridge.

Once in a while, customers_suck tosses up a gem. This is a saga in three parts: wherein we meet the dog, after which brains become unhinged, and finally, the joy is shared.

If you apply glitchy power to an original iBook (or at least, this one), it delivers a rapid series of DTMF bleeps. Does anyone know what these mean? Do they decode to some sort of easter egg? I'll have to try reproducing the problem sometime, and capture its song..

I think I must make this.

And no, I haven't seen Bad Wolf yet - still about 1h30 away from completing. ^_^; No spoilers, please! Spoil away! Oh, it's going to be a long week. ^_^
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