June 4th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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The world's fluffiest sea otter.

Further to the thread on kyoht's proposed WD portfolio, another artist presented two of her works on the theme - and if you've any interest in the book, you really ought to look: The Prince's Invitation, and Frith's Blessing. Either would look magnificent as posters, and I recall Rabbit Valley recently began offering such as an option to represented artists.

What is Bad Wolf? We just don't know.

Some neat experiments to try at home, including an arc transmitter, sending audio over a modulated flashlight, and converting a lawnmower to run off propane.

roohbear's got a diary, and various musings of his recent trip to Japan and Hong Kong up; we trust photos will be coming in due course. ^_^

runtt got a fan letter from Russia, from another musician - and his work's worth checking out. (And if you've been wondering what Closet Coon looks like in Russian, here you go!)

So, it's official: the current season of Doctor Who will see a box set release on Nov 21 2005, listed at play.com for £50, cf list price £70. No word on special features yet.

*sigh* Finally got around to watching "Father's Day", and yes, I can see why it's another of the top episodes of this season. Not the most subtle of them, to be sure, but none the less moving for that. (How was Boom Town? It'll be another couple hours before I can enjoy that - no spoilers, please! Although I did make the mistake of seeing the trailer for it last week, which seemed like it gave much of the story away anyhow)
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