May 26th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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W00t! akira114 notes that Robert Altman and Garrison Keillor are preparing to make A Prairie Home Companion.

neonbunny pointed out the Dance Dance Immolation fundraiser party being thrown by Interpretive Arson, 9pm June 4, Hunter's Point. "Fire-spewing cake! Burn-your-own crème brulée! Free pyro snacks and desserts! Flamethrower raffle, hot tub, two rooms of music featuring downtempo grooves, breaks, and techno! And much more. Fire Makes Everything Better." (DDI? Think DDR, but with fireproof suits and flames) Maybe not surprisingly, there's a connection.. ^_^ I otter sign up there sometime, if I could work out where I should place myself geographically.

Futa standing was only the beginning. ^_^ (Thanks sockscatt!) Icon versions here and here, courtesy of a little image magic by torrle, via sowelu. It'll be interesting to see if that trait's shared by his descendants..

I've arranged the D&AD 2005 nominees in the music video category, but whilst the thumbnails don't actually add up to much bandwidth, it does take up a bit of screen space in toto. Five in all, including one from Michel Gondry, and two from Spike Jonze - take a peek!

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Speaking of video phenomena, I notice Chris Cunningham's latest project, Rubber Johnny, saw its debut in LA the other night. Even by his standards - some may recall Come to Daddy - this sounds like a fabulously warped production: "The mutant, a shape-shifting child called Rubber Johnny, returns, living in a dark basement with only a boss-eyed Chihuahua for company.

The video begins with a doctor reassuring a visably disturbed Johnny, who seems to be asking for his mummy. When he gets violent, the doctor is forced to inject him with a calming sedative. The film then flips to the familiar Drukqs introduction and then proceeds to go crazy with Johnny dancing in his wheelchair, doing wheelies and tricks for the amusement of his dog, and transforming into a variety of nightmarish shapes, like a someone tipping a wheelbarrow full of butcher's shop scrapings, entrails and brains onto a window."

Of course, you won't want to miss the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival next month, in Ohio. (Beware: evil embedded MIDI)

On the recent hullabaloo over the WSJ's story of Apple being in talks to use Intel chippery, I'd wonder if this guy may have a more plausible take on it: WiMAX. Of course, Intel makes scads of other chippery too, and the original article was quite careful to leave the impression of x86 being under discussion, without literally saying as much. It might be interesting to see Intel as a PowerPC fabrication/design partner, if the IBM and Freescale (née Motorola SPS) agreements would permit such, but on that front, my impression is AMD's got the edge over Intel in next-gen fab tech. Another quite feasible angle is Xscale, formerly StrongARM - a fairly powerful family, with low power consumption, ideal for demanding portable applications.
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