April 16th, 2005

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Here we can see the troubles of bad breath in sports.

So, it's official: David Tennant will be the next Doctor. Interestingly, though surely a typo, the story ends noting that "a new 13-part adventure" will begin filming in the summer - or is this the return of the cliffhangers, with a vengeance?

Could be interesting - the Participatory Culture Foundation's a BitTorrent-based project (thus, cross-platform, initially targeting OS X, Linux, and Windows) from the Downhill Battle folks, aimed at P2P distribution of home-grown video, across multiple "channels", with RSS picking up the publishing side of the scheme. The project's being announced now, with the source available, in readiness for a full launch in June.

I've rediscovered a favorite comic. ^_^ (Blame freakylynx) eg the bunny pit, or bacon egg.

Another political survey.. no registration or suchlike required. At the end, your opinions are mapped onto a two-dimensional grid, alongside a cloud representing the other respondents, plus multiple graphs indicating where your views lie with regard to others' in more specific contexts.

If you're a subscriber to one of the UK ISPs participating in a bulk speed upgrading, you can check the preliminary schedule for your exchange in this 416K PDF. The first group listed with a date of "Trial" indicates the exchange is ready now, whilst others may have to wait as long as July.

Whoa. These could make waves in the field of broadband deployment: unmanned airships at 65,000 feet. (Wonder what astronomers think of the plans?)

Well - I'd have to say, the new (not a remix collection) DJ Dangermouse-produced Gorillaz album, Demon Days, easily lives up to the debut disc. Hopefully, Passion Pictures will return to conjure up some similarly nifty videos (14.8MB) as on their first DVD. Indeed, the new DVD will apparently contain videos for Murdoc is God, We Are Happy Landfill, and Feel Good Inc.

Not very safe for work, but quite amusing. (So the Empire's based in Portland? Who knew?)

And for your visual delectation, a particularly enjoyable music video, courtesy of the project:messiah folks: Robbie Williams' Let Love Be Your Energy (15.4MB). Once you've seen that, you'll definitely want to see the outtakes reel (8.2MB). ^_^ (Not absolutely work-safe, but close. The outtakes' audio level is rather higher than the track's, so you might want to turn the volume down a bit)
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