April 4th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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Good grief.. some of you may recall the name of Bill Rebane, who brought The Giant Spider Invasion to the world. He's back, making "The UFO File".

Via rabitguy: some photos of BunnyJam 2005, last weekend. And taken by the bunny hisself, even more! (Lots of inline images, so be prepared if you're on dialup) And as he notes, neonbunny has made his set available for download (108MB), if you'd like to instill the appropriate aural mood for the photos. ^_^

And I thought huskyteer might like a look over here.. ^_^ Or, in the realm of three-dimensional media, there are these striking, emotive hare sculptures.

As for episode two of Doctor Who: brilliant. Classic Who, through and through, with more than a bit of a nod to Mr Adams' restaurant. (And those following Onmyou Taisenki might like to hear Ryuu-Rogue have the second episode out now, along with ep.7 of Damekko Doubutsu)

And, as it's mandatory that all net.users post at least one cat photo per year, Cat and Buddha. How's that for a piece of photographic composition? (Not my work, or cat - just something I noticed while rummaging through Friends of Friends postings)
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