March 20th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Oodles of ooze

Thanks to rubberskunk, Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen, here, looking at slime. "Quicksand, many pastes and glues, gelatin, and ketchup are all non-Newtonian fluids. There are two main types of non-Newtonian fluids, rheopectic and thixotropic. The slimes, oozes, globs etc. on this page are rheopectic, which means they show an increase in apparent viscosity (resistence to flow) with time under a constantly applied stress (they do not have a well defined viscocity)."

Now where did I put my chemistry notes.. I distinctly recall the tutor noting how not to let a certain reaction occur in order to let the final phase leading to trinitrotoluene take place - specifically not the temperature nor duration required. 110C was, IIRC, to be particularly avoided. (Sadly, we never did get to try it out. Local authority funding is, after all, limited)

tursi might like to hear that Father of the Pride is coming to R1 DVD, on June 7th. 14 episodes, plus the pilot, with commentaries, and scripts of episodes unmade, at a list price of $30.

There are ten tracks from Paranoia Agent available from the composer's site - apparently, they're ones which didn't appear on the soundtrack CD. ("Big Brother" and the others aren't from that series, but worth checking out anyway. BB's going to appeal to those who enjoy videogame bleep music :) And on that note, here's where this entry's soundtrack came from; sample-based breakbeat with a sense of humor.

Honesty in spam - one just arrived with the subject "Inquiry #5256 about filters", appropriately from "crap HQ".

The only note I'll add to the Schiavo case: an entry on Respectful of Otters, looking over the specific facts of the case, and the affidavits offered, from a medical perspective. Alas (a blog) offers a comparison of CAT scans; the dark area is where the now absent cerebral cortex has been replaced by spinal fluid.

And I couldn't help but pass on kurtmrufa's find of an absolutely fascinating article on the nature of earwax and smegma. Amongst other things, it notes an experiment in which mice were treated by rubbing or injection of smegma onto or under their skin: "There was no significant difference in the survival rates of treated and control mice up to the 400th day of life: 85 and 88 per cent, respectively, after 200 days; [...] From the 600th day on, there was a marked difference (26 and 6 percent, respectively), and on the 700th day, the survival rates were 12 and 1.5 per cent."
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