March 14th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Geekitude redux

Now this could prove most interesting.. ESA's wondering as to NASA interest in another cooperative venture, this time, to Europa.

If you enjoy Speed Bump, there's a caption contest running, deadling May 15th. "The winner will receive three inscribed books, the original artwork, and maybe a used fondue set or something...have at it!"

So, it seems Eisner's leaving Disney a year early - he'll be gone in Sept 2005, rather than the Sept 2006 date previously announced. The replacement looks like a safe insider choice coming from ABC, so, we'll just have to see if there's any noticeable changes, and what impact this might have on their relationship with Jobs' other company, and Disney's current plans to set up a studio, in Burbank, specifically for production of Pixar-based sequels. Which seems to be getting off to as healthy a start as such an inspired notion deserves, with the Toy Story voice actors all either being extremely wary of the notion, or outright refusing. It does make me wonder whether the posting elaborated upon by arbutus isn't more of the underlying reality than even most cynics might suspect.

Amongst other CeBIT announcements was the news that DSL adoption's now passed the 100,000,000 level worldwide, with a new connection every second. Within the UK, 2004 growth went from 2,280,770 to 4,100,000 lines. Point Topic say: "While ADSL continues to dominate current DSL connectivity, deployment increasingly includes newer DSL options. ADSL2plus is rapidly growing in Sweden, Norway and France, with trials beginning in the USA and services coming on-stream in the Netherlands in 2005. This is increasingly the basis for triple play services. VDSL had at least five million connections by the end of 2004 - mostly in South Korea, Japan and China. VDSL2, delivering 100 Mbps over a single phone line, may provide new impetus when that is standardised in May 2005. We are also starting to see increased roll out of symmetric DSL services, with 1.2 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2004." In the UK, BT's currently beginning employee trials with ADSL2, with the intention of offering up to 18Mbps.

Was it just me, or did the animation quality in ep.5 of the new Captain Scarlet drop noticeably?

And in a development of no conceivable interest to anyone, Dormouse is now online wirelessly, courtesy of a friend's surplus WaveLAN card, pilfered from an old AirPort base station. The wireless driver is pretty crusty, with the last update a couple years ago for Jaguar, but it still works quite happily. So now Ocelot's USB DSL modem appears as en2, with that connection shared to Bunny over internal ethernet on en0, and Dormouse over 802.11b on en3. W00t!

And the video for the day (23.5MB MPEG-1) is a music video for the Lords of Acid's "Deep Sexy Space". The lyrics aren't terribly work-safe, but it's way too much fun. ^_^ The video's provided by FLCL, one of Gainax's less sane works (known by some as the creators of the seminal Neon Genesis Evangelion). It's one of those stories where boy meets girl, when she hurtles into him on her Vespa, and proceeds to whack him with her guitar. As these things go, it's really quite touching.
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