March 8th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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Halloween costumes of the 1970s. Be afraid. (Bet you didn't know there was an official Asteroids costume.. but, imho, the best was saved for last)

Sadly, there are only six such examples, but here are some classic comic pages/panels, unmodified, and unintentionally hilarious.

And on the Dr Who front, for those receiving CBC: "The series starts on Tuesday April 5th, at 8pm in most time zones" - or about an hour after the BBC airing, via your favorite network.. no definite word on US broadcasts yet, aside from the Sci-Fi Channel not being involved.

"Aussies spend more time asleep than anyone else on the planet". The other results are much as one might expect: "Seven of the top 10 nocturnal nations are Asian, headed by the Taiwanese, 69% of whom go to bed after midnight (and 35% only after 1am)", and "Portugal, Spain and Italy make the night owl's top 10".

From a /. comment: "STERN Pinball is still producing games. You are correct that Williams, who was the only one at the time, shut down. Since then, though, others have stepped up. Illinois Pinball Company (which doesn't appear to have a website) bought the rights to all the WMS games, and supposedly plans to rerelease some of them at some point." - yay! Great to see pinball is still alive. I can't say I'm particularly good at any table, but I've always enjoyed a good pinball game. Someone else added, "They're planning on releasing Capcom's "Big Bang Bar" later this year. Price is what you'd expect for a new game, and supposedly the gameplay is awesome. A friend owns a Capcom (Pinball Magic) and loves it, since it's really well designed, maintenance-wise."

I was reminded by rigelkitty to check the comics on Sunday: The Boondocks is a classic. ^_^

Via ibneko, another Great Advance in Game Controller Science: You're In Control. You'd think this'd be ideal for pub installation..

Here's perhaps the best rant on Loonatics I've come across.

At 125, Maria Olivia da Silva may be the oldest woman alive. Think of what's happened in her lifetime - the invention of the vacuum tube, the rise of radio, World Wars I and II, the first electronic computers, and flight from biplane fighters through exotic travel for the wealthy, to weekend getaways a thousand miles away.

Theoretically, just about all of Dr Demento's shows can be found here, but the site's probably bogged down at the moment. All that shaving cream, no doubt.

A good cultural/political weblog: Stay Free! Daily.

Sobering, horrific, and - at the very conclusion - inspiring: a brief tale of Auschwitz survival.
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