February 4th, 2005

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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rabitguy pointed out quite a televisual gem. Humanimal looks like being a fascinating documentary series, trying to gain an insight into the mind of various species - pig, wolf, dolphin, rat, dog, and ape. Pester a station or two to see if they're interested in acquiring the series!

aethwolf noticed that if you perform a Google images search for "fox", cal_foxx is the third result returned. ^_^

This is a good example of advanced Flash animation - from Japan, perhaps not surprisingly. It's the everyday tale of a dog taking it upon himself to protect a mouse from extermination. It's 10.5MB, but worth a look. (Found by zrath)

We all know eBay's Google ads can be silly, but, still, going to a "which website are you?" quiz on bbspot brought up "Kelloggs Cereal Sale - New & used Kelloggs Cereal. Check out the deals now!" Ummm..

If you'd like to help a (four legged) coyote out, consider acting on this posting by soappuppy.

On a brighter note, rosequoll has a particularly good wolf/coyote fursuit head for auction, currently at $120. (Even if you're not thinking of bidding, check out the pic anyway. Very nice work)

A new route to defeating smallpox, and other viral infections, may be opening up. Rather than attacking the virus itself, they're blocking the cellular replication mechanism which the virus otherwise subverts for its own purposes.

BTW, if anyone has any troubles obtaining files from the site, do let me know. (Even if there's something old, now yielding a 404 - it's simple enough to bring it back up for a spell) Next.. maybe a bit of Widge the Rat & Red the Panda paying a little visit to a neighborhood park in Sunnyvale.

Someone's collection of Russian calculators. It's curiously engaging. (Take, f'rex, the first Russian pocket calculator - SMD chips (in 1975!), discrete resistors, and added-on PCB inductors, all in the same device.. ?)

This is a star-nosed mole. Eep!

In a fairly novel step, one bankruptcy defendant was sentenced over the phone, on being held up in traffic.

Yep, I'm with RJ.

murries: "Weird the things you think of with a dog on your chest." gatcat: "it's amazing how much fun you can have with vegetable oil if you try!" It's worth noting that these statements are, fortunately, not connected. Though it does remind me of someone's usenet posting, wherein his dog managed to eat - harmlessly - much of a tub of Vaseline.
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