January 22nd, 2005

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The LiveJournal 1/14 post mortem is now up. Short story: "Another customer in the facility accidentally pressed the [emergency power off] button, then depressed it, replaced the protective case, and left the building." .. which, as a tangential bonus, showed me this icon:

W00t! Pages 92-100 of Fur-Piled are now up. ^_^

In most encouraging piece of H2G2 movie news, casting for the role of the Book has been announced: Stephen Fry. "As a friend of author Douglas Adams and a besotted fan, being asked to do the voice of The Guide is like having your birthday on Christmas Day, discovering a winning lottery ticket in your stocking and having chocolate poured all over you." Meanwhile, Disney's announced plans for a remake of Tron..

It must be difficult being a satirical writer in the US these days, when places like CNN serve up headlines like this: "Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider"

thewerewolf highlighted a different version of the Apple Store. ^_^

Tim Burton's forthcoming stop-motion feature, cheerily titled The Corpse Bride, now has its trailer available. (The actual release is, of course, some way off: Sep 23 in the US, Oct 21 in the UK)

How'd I miss this? kurtmrufa pointed out a sign of dissent (literally) in North Korea. Whilst defacing a leader's portrait is generally not such a serious matter in most countries - flag burning occasionally taking its place - in the country with policies that make Hoxha's Albania look liberal, it would carry an automatic death penalty.

An interesting look at a student sleep-in in their library, in Boulder.

How's this for an upper back Zelda tattoo? (And all in one 9-hour sitting..)

A quartet of superheroes - created in Cairo.

Disturbingly, scientists at the Natural History Museum have established a threefold increase in four years, in attacks on porpoises - by dolphins.

The R1 DVD release of The Incredibles, on March 15th looks like being as good as you'd expect, with a metric buttload of extras, including a '"lost" cartoon featuring Mr. Incredible, Frozone and their delightful rabbit sidekick, Mr. Skipperdoo, as they battle their evil nemesis, Lady Lightbug. Produced in retrostyle lip-o-vision, it features hand-drawn characters with actor’s live-action lips.'. Along with commentary by Mr Incredible and Frozone.

It's one I've pointed out previously, but it can easily stand a showcasing again: DIGS (46.8MB QuickTime), a short created by ILM as something of a technology showcase. Surreal and wonderful, with some exquisite voice acting by Richard Wilson, known to UK sorts as Victor Meldrew.

The mean rate of data transmission from Huygens was 35kbps (474Mb in 3h44).

Some highly funky iPod skins.. ^_^; (And scroll down for iPod socks made from some unusual fake furs)

And, well, I've not posted any quizzes in a while, and the ones at quizfarm tend to be somewhat more in-depth than quizilla's..

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