December 31st, 2004

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Clerks. This time it's even less personal. ^_^

A suite of remarkably beautiful Earth images courtesy of NASA. The "land and city lights" image towards the bottom tells of human activity quite well, particularly in Australia, with the focal points being the Eastern/SE coastal cities. It's a wonderful little ball.

Should be interesting to see if this report of a sub-$500 Mac comes to pass.. MacWorld San Francisco is just under a fortnight away (Jan 10-14, with the keynote at 9am on Jan 11), so any announcement would certainly be there. If true, I'd imagine it'd likely be promoted as an A/V component, and shaped as such, whilst still remaining a full computer. Perhaps multiple models, with $499 getting one with only wired networking, and $599 for 802.11g and Bluetooth too. (And with specs way beyond my 'books, of course.. still, for a system over six years old, my ol' Wallstreet continues to be a fine workhorse, despite many miles on the clock)

Track for the day probably must be The Jamaican Calypsonians - Dr Kinsey (2.9MB MP3). It's simply not often enough one hears a calypso on the Kinsey Report.

Ah, have two. ^_^ Originally posted on Aurgasm, but now expired, Venus Hum - Soul Sloshing (2.2MB MP4) is like a melding of Yazoo, Goldfrapp, and a very peppy Björk, wrapped in some gorgeously bouncing basslines and unabashedly synthetic rhythm. (I keep wishing it were only longer than 3m48)

On a whim, I decided to check where the busiest airport in the world is to be found. This page noted some other tidbits, like the largest covering an area of 81 square miles, in Riyadh. By number of passengers, Atlanta is now the busiest, at 76m/yr, surpassing O'Hare at 66m/yr, and Heathrow's 63m/yr. Combining a city's airports, London - Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, and London City - wins, with a combined 120m, or twice the population of the UK.

kaysho recently penned a memorable ode to the winter holidays. ^_^

Health risks are, apparently, but one peril of smoking.. ^_^;;
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